Moon Chainshaw Massacre

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Hendrik Teixeira, Pedro Lopes, Joao Lopes, Luis Lourenco Lopes

About This File

You have defeated the mighty mean blood sucking zombies, and you are alone in Deimos moon, without any possibility of getting out. For hours you walk through whats left... suddenly you find a little shuttle, and you can get out of this inferno!

Couple of hours later of your journey back to Hearth, the computer board, gives you a warning that the reactor is low on Energy, and it must be recharged before you reach Hearth. By the report the only choice is the Moon at DOCKING BASE 1.

When you reach the Moon, the computer, informs you that he can't communicate with DOCKING BASE 1, and that he detects strange movements. You smell trouble, but unfortunately the only weapon that was left from your fight was a ChainShaw, you don't have any other choice... you tell the computer to use the tractor beam, to put you and your ChainShaw on Bay 1A, and to wait for you in this same place for about an hour...


New levels from scratch

Editors Used

DEU 5.21, BSP 1.2x, DMGRAUPH 1.1<br>
For the graphics Hendrik used 3D Studio


We tested with version 1.9 and 1.666,there are some little problems in a couple of maps, but we think they aren't bugs. If you find something please tell us.
Attention that we have detected that MCM is not very stable with early versions of DOOM, it's recommended that you upgrade.
Unfortunately, when you load an external Wad file Doom has to process more info, so we think that a 66MHz CPU is the minimum to run MCM, the less fortunate can still try Bunker Assault and NeWolf, two new full episodes for the classic Wolfenstein 3D ;-)

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  • 3

I was dissapointed that from begining i could use sg or chaingun, not only chainsaw. E3M1-M3 are really cool for its age. But from M4 it changes into odd texured (not alligned at all) hellish maze. For first three maps 4.5* , but overall only 2.5*

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  • 2
this really wasn't that great. E3M8 how do you even beat that?

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  • 3
The new graphics and sorta story-esque start map raised my expectations, but the maps end up being a bit boxy and plain (yes even for 95). Seems decent for the time though.

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Unknown date

  • 4
Not a bad episode at all. The architecture can be a bit monotonous/repetitiv e though, and there are a few too many narrow and slightly maze-like corridors. Probably worth 3.5 stars.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Zalewa · Posted
      Relaxing map with relaxing tune to go with. Looks a bit like Containment Area, mixed with smooth feel of Episode 1 layouts. Very short, but can catch you off guard several times. I like it.
    • By Zalewa · Posted
      I'm not sure what happened with the theme of this A.S.S. because the maps don't fit.   Some berserk-only healing maps became berserk-only maps for Tyson playthroughs. I hardly see any spirals. There are many crushers, it seems like they were one of the themes. Does motionless damaging yellow surface count as lava?   Regardless, the maps are pretty swell, with MAP10 being the best here with its floor hazards and necessity to hug walls.
    • By MaysaChan · Posted
      Honestly, I enjoy playing this map, level design is well done!, the only complaint about this map is traps door are little "unexpected", I mean instead of regulars troop like zombieman or lmp behind trap door, it replace with Bunch of Demon or Baron of Hell. Health pick up (except bonus health) are uncommon in every level but other than that is awesome!
    • By Zalewa · Posted
      Built from Doom 2 resources, this maps packs a surprising difficulty level. You may get caught off guard several times. Expect some Arch-Vile fights. While the visual design is simple, the areas feel distinctive, though quite cramped which further bumps up the difficulty.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Comparing to others wads from 95, this one is pretty nice detailed. There are some minor texturing issues mostly next to stairs. Overall it's looks nice. But all others parts are screwed up. Map is very cramped. Rooms are small and corridors narrow. Monsters are weak, provides no challange. Gameplay is mostly switch hunt, including unmarked switch on the left on kind of hidden corridor with exit sign. Map is short, if you won't stuck like me you may do it in few minutes. Also I found a bug: damaging floor in secret area which clearly shouldn't hurt. Overall: Why I'm writing so much about kinda crappy wad from over 23 years?? 2.5/5*