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  • File Reviews

    • By Arrowhead · Posted
      This is basically 1squares.wad for Doom1. If you're not familiar w/ 1squares, it is arguably one of the earliest true slaughtermaps ever released. The map consists of a very large middle area, which is surrounded by a ring of nearly identical square rooms.   There are 500+ monsters in this map, w/ almost all of them taking residence in the external squares 'ring' surrounding the large open area in the middle. There are many spidermasterminds in the middle area that torment you from long range, so I recommend taking them out w/ the plaz at the first given chance.   There's an abundance of ammo and power-ups in this map, w/ no real attempt at ammo-balancing. This makes this map a bit of a power-fantasy. It took me about 20 minutes to UVMAX, and was not exceptionally difficult - likely due to the lack of Doom2 monsters...   The final showdown pits you against 10 very angry cybies. Thankfully, the author was kind enough to provide a multitude of invulns, and there is more than enough cells in this map to wipe the floor w/ them.   Overall 3/5   The only gripe I have w/ this map is that the texture work and geometry is so basic. I would have liked to see some more variance in design. Once you've looked at the first room, you've basically seen the whole map...   The gameplay was actually quite fun, though - so maybe give this one a try? :)          
    • By Arrowhead · Posted
      I quite enjoyed this map. The opening shot of the castle is quite atmospheric, (see rd.'s screenshot below) even now. There has been obvious attention to detail here, as the map has very few unaligned textures / other visual bugs.   The numerous vanilla attempts at 'DoomCute' really won me over, especially the red felt pool-table, and shower complete w/ soapbar.   The map suffers a bit in the gameplay department - mainly because of its very low monster count. Difficulty is lukewarm at best, and power-ups are quite plentiful.   Navigation was a little bit difficult at first, as much of the map's main progression is hidden behind secret doors - I didn't initially read the readme where the author was kind enough to state: "Hint look for secret stuff in the billiard room." Once I started humping a couple walls, I figured it out.   Overall 4/5.   Some clean design in this map. You can really tell the authors put their hearts and best effort into this one.   This WAD is based off of an earlier WAD, "bcdeath5.wad". That version was apparently far less polished, and was created to run w/ Doom1.  
    • By Endless · Posted
      Quite interesting maps with a unique aesthetic and an attractive design in most levels. 10 maps, 4 more than the previous session and with a particularly nice theme but somewhat explosive and terrible for the end. The gameplay is usually quite fast and explosive, but manageable, until of course, the ending, which I feel ruins the main essence and turns this into a joke. But it's ASS, these maps are usually jokes (some bad or some good) even so I think it's better than the previous session and has a few quite memorable scenes. Xaser and Darsycho create some pretty interesting maps with an appreciable magnitude that I think it's worth trying if you don't want to play the full session. There are certain maps that have a rather cryptic progress and I'm not even sure if they can be completed without some form of cheating (MAP02 and MAP04) but still, I had fun. I would've probably give this map 3 stars if it wasn't for the horrible arch-vile traps at the end of each map.   Xaser is just great at creating this kinds of levels.
    • By Arrowhead · Posted
      Great '94 map - unusually competent in visuals for the time.   Gameplay is pretty easy nowadays, but still enjoyable.   Only reason this doesn't get 5 stars, (for a '94 WAD) is that there are a couple unmarked secrets. That's really the only complaint I have. That, and the final fight on UV can be a bit of a slog - make sure you grab the invulnerability sphere in the cyber's room, as the weapons provided in this map aren't really adequate to take out a cyber. I had to wittle him down w/ single-shotgun blasts - not the most fun in the world...   Regardless, great map - anachronistic in the sense that the visuals are so great for '94. :)   Crying shame the author only made 2 maps, and the other one seems lost to time...
    • By rd. · Posted
      This is not the best ASS, and the experience can be bumpy, but I enjoyed how cheeky it is. It also lacks padding, which is only a bad thing if these puns are interpreted too literally.    Summary: 
        - reasonably idea-rich on a moment-to-moment level. the "nightmare sequence" theme was very good, and every author who used it interpreted it in some strange way. 
      - solid atmosphere and visuals (bathing everything in darkness does wonders for bare speedmapped visuals).
      - gameplay has some unusual bits (punching stuff in the dark; going semi-pacifist at times when you don't have enough ammo to kill stuff or if you don't want to chainsaw lots of spectres). I liked those aspects, but they might be divisive. 
      - brief: with six very short maps, it was over before it outstayed its welcome. 
      - rough execution at times, as you'd expect from a two-hour speedmap session. also some softlocks in map01 (a coffin?! feels intended lol) and map03 (ZDoom-only lift).    Nothing special but I enjoyed myself. The two people who gave the first three reviews were overly harsh; it's not that awful. :)