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About This File

A well laid out single / multiplayer level for DOOM][, with loads of passages, dudes, etc. Set in a gaol (Jail in Yank) style building with extra attention paid to textures, alignment and other small details missed out in many other levels. A good time for triple 100% is about 10 minutes.

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I originally thought this was a map made with deathmatch in mind and single-player after, but then I read the text file and looks like this map wasn't made with deathmatch in mind. Interestingly enough, there is a BFG but by the time you can get it, you probably have killed all the monsters in the map and have reached the end as it is.


While the map was made in April 1995, there really isn't much to see here.Lots of brown and pretty boxy all around. The level is supposed to be set in a jail-like building but it doesn't look like given that the "outdoor" area doesn't even have a skybox at the very least. Even so,  there isn't a lot to the map visually or in gameplay, of which you got more health than you really need and mostly human enemies to deal with, the hardest you got is a couple Revenants and some Cacodemons. Pass.

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Unknown date

This is from April 1995. It's okay for a short blast, but it suffers from an aimless, square, copy-and-paste layout. It would be no good in Deathmatch (too wandery and cramped), and I ended up finding the exit almost by accident; you have absolutely loads of ammo and especially health, and the toughest monsters are a couple of revenants and a mancubus.

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Unknown date

Not a bad level.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Major Arlene · Posted
      I had raised my eyebrows when I read everything in the text file, but I really enjoyed this! It's totally adorable, all the assets were obviously hand-made with love, and the puppy is wonderful :) Just wish it was longer! I hope you do some more with this, it's definitely a welcome break. Maybe add some menu assets to really sell the idea.
    • By Marlamir · Posted
      Nice details and visuals. Maybe bitt claustrophobic but that's not weakness at all and i kinda like it. Gameplay is what ruining the map. For six months of work the gameplay feel very unbalanced and bad. Lot of stronger enemies appear on a place where you can't move properly.
    • By StormCatcher.77 · Posted
      The visuals of the map is rich in details, but they look somewhat erratic and do not form a solid style. Although, some of the author's decisions looks new for me. If you be careful enough, then this map may well bring positive impressions of the gameplay. Lock a player in a narrow space with strong opponents is controversial idea, but an experienced player can get good trial from fights by finding a winning strategy. In general, the map does not leave the desire to go through it again. I recommend this map for seekers of hard and challengind gameplay.
    • By StormCatcher.77 · Posted
      Just a cool ZDoom map with well balanced gameplay. I was run through it with pleasure.
    • By Gaia74 · Posted
      I must say that although it is a wad of terry, I would like to find a serious one like this, new enemies very interesting and original just for their attacks, bosses that have inspired me (and you can see it in my creations) and it is really amazing like this wad despite having their terry traps is entertaining and much better than many wads of 32 levels, if you want to have something interesting to play and different as long as you ignore the story is fun filled with very good boss fights, excellent music, this is an option although if you can not stand the terry traps just do not try it   5/5 to be a joke wad   Gaia74