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  • File Reviews

    • By DuckReconMajor · Posted
      We live in a world where you can play Speed of Doom pretty much whenever you want. And for that I am thankful ūüôŹ
    • By BoxY · Posted
      Although the progression is so absurdly dense that you'd have to be some type of maniac to beat the whole thing without checking in an editor, the atmosphere produced by this alternate reality is so unique and powerful that by the end you'll forget that you were supposed to merely be playing Doom. It takes a great and powerful mind to create a map like this, for better and/or worse.
    • By mrthejoshmon · Posted
      Grove is an interesting concept filled with amazing and creative ideas but Jesus H Baltimore Christ there is enough sprites to absolutely nuke most PCs and this makes the game unplayable for most, only play this if you have an absolute monster of a rig.
    • By PsychEyeball · Posted
      Want your Doom simple and short to the point? You don't like wandering around being lost, looking for switches and you just want to kill a lot of monsters? Scythe is your WAD.   Scythe is kind of a tricky beast. It starts off really easy and light, pitting you against measly zombiemen and imps in very forgiving scenarios. Few levels have more than 100 monsters. But don't expect things to be easy all the way through, as Episode 1 slowly escalates the odds and privileges tricky fights against few strong enemies in tight arenas. You're not going to start facing major opposition until Map 11, Sneak Peek. This early map gives you the perfect example of Scythe shedding away its early sensibilities and shows you how ruthless the WAD can be and how important it is to be prepared for anything. The spawning arch-vile cavern represents the first true challenge of the level pack.   Episode 2 slowly prepares the player for the end game of the WAD. The monster counts get much higher, the stronger enemy types like revenants, mancubi and barons of hell become more prevalent and levels get a little bigger, but not by much. A seasoned veteran can get through the first 20 maps or so in roughly 2 hours or so. One thing about the WAD that should be addressed is that while the early levels do tend to be on the simpler side, the combat scenarios still are very interesting on the grounds that the Super Shotgun is nowhere to be found until Map 15, and even then you'll only get it on your way to the secret maps. This does change the way you'll approach encounters, giving weapons like the chaingun, shotgun and plasma rifle their chance to shine.   Episode 3 sends you to Hell and this is the episode where everything breaks loose and where the map set will actively cull the weak. No more mercy is to be had. Before Episode 3, you met a single Cyberdemon in the whole map set and he appeared in Map 20. Starting from Map 22, there'll be at least a Cyberdemon in every level and fighting multiple of them at the same time goes from a surprise to being the norm. If a level's monster count is low at any point from now on, expect all of them to be revenants, arch-viles, barons and Cyberdemons. Armors go from being scattered everywhere to being hidden away from you and impossible to get. It becomes truly important to understand the merits of monster in-fighting and how your weapons work and the best scenarios to use them. Otherwise, you'll never survive Map 26, which is a tiny, yet ruthless map where 666 enemies will immediately jump you at the start of the map and where the intensity never lets go until they're all dead. But as chaotic things seem to be, everything seems in control.   The only reason this mappack gets 4 stars is its ending stretch, which doesn't gel right with the rest of the WAD to me. Map 28, Run From It, made the 100 most memorable Doom levels list for a reason. It's a neat concept for a level, where you must finish the level fast enough as otherwise you'll die. But the execution just doesn't work. The level itself is really boring and just involves strafe running through mostly empty hallways, trying to race "It" to the end before it kills you. The final stretch with the arachnotron blocking the exit is infuritating as this is where you need all your attention, but your screen just becomes red pudding as "It" is in the process of killing you. Map 29 suddenly expands the scope of the WAD and offers its take on Doom 2's Downtown (it's even got that arrow on the ground telling you where to go!), and while I appreciate the attempt at something drastically different, both maps share similar problems in being unintuitive to navigate and feeling really empty.   Map 30, Fire and Ice, is slaughter gameplay with a heavy Revenant seasoning. Think of Go 2 It but about 3 times the size with 3 times the monster count. Half of this monster count is revenants (a whopping 375 revenants, no matter the skill level you play at!) so many of the encounters in the map revolve in going through a hallway or flicking a switch, which results in giant Revenant closets opening and deafening you with their unison screeching. These encounters are just boring and mindless to me, as you just spam rockets and BFG shots on them with little thought. With some luck, you can make them infight with something else, but it's not always possible. This level also doesn't implement difficulty settings in a way where lesser players will have fun with the level, playing on HNTR or ITYTD will remove about half of the arch-viles and cyberdemons. But ironically, these removed cyberdemons could have been useful to you in the level for infighting purposes so it doesn't feel like an even trade. The only plus of this map is that the Icon of Sin is nowhere to be found. Then again, these fights are harder than 5 Icons of Sin would be.   Scythe looks really good for a vanilla Doom 2 WAD. The early tech base levels aren't the most interesting to look at, but Episode 2 brings some well needed graphical variety and Episode 3's visuals look appropriately hellish and foreboding. It really feels like you are trapped in a giant pit of despair for all of these levels. There are occasional quirks with the level design where it's possible to trap yourself by sequence breaking; in Map 11 I was able to bypass getting the blue key by strafe running into a window leading to the building the blue key opens up. But if you do so, you are forever trapped because you can't climb out of that window nor can you open the doors leading out from the other side. But these mishaps are few and far between. Also sprucing up the gameplay are some levels that will end with your death, which will force a pistol start on a few levels of the WAD no matter what.    4.5 stars, rounded down because I didn't like the ending much at all. But the rest of the journey is great.
    • By Maribo · Posted
      Playing Grove is getting lost in the world. It always induces a specific mental state in me when I play it.... The sky, the midi, the forest.... it's all alien, drowsy, slightly off-kilter, like a quiet dream.