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About This File

One Boom-compatible map made on the 26th of October in the space of 24 hours.

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This is a clever early-career speedmap by Obsidian, in one of his favorite settings, a small archvile-infested library. It has a couple of puzzles and much of the combat is unconventional: stuff like tysoning, pacifism, and forced partial invisibility. 


The gimmicks aren't bad, and a lot plays well, but I disliked the blue key section:



- The timed switch puzzle demands a lot more of you than everything else in the map. Because monsters harass you the whole time and texturing is uniform, it takes disproportionately long to figure out the sequence of lowering lifts and the proper "trick" to reaching the last one in time.


- In the sergeant trap following that, you simply hide in one closet and block its spawns, and then pick off sergeants from the other closets one by one. I didn't find that entertaining to do, but you pretty much have to otherwise they can shred you. 


- When you try to return from the blue key itself, a monster might stand on the lowering lift you need to take. It can prevent the lift from rising a few times by bonking its head on a ceiling. The lift would have benefited from monster-block lines. 



Two other reviews contain factual misrepresentations: the early revenant can be comfortably skipped until stronger weapons are attained a short time later, and a certain vile trio never appears if you stay pacifist during that one segment. (The map even warns you, through unmissable sector letters that spell "silence.")

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Unknown date

Try this wad if you like to fight a revenant with a pistol only, then fight three arch-viles in one room with still only a pistol, or if you want to train specific skills. It *can* be done, obviously, but it's absolutely not my idea of gameplay, and for me a complete waste of time, so 1/5 for the efford. It's a pity, because I have the impression that author can be much better.

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Unknown date

For a wad that was made in 24 hours, its not bad. 3/5

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Unknown date

Pretty damn good! It's ridiculously hard, forcing you to fight a revenant, hordes of former human and THREE ArchViles with ONLY YOUR PISTOL, but it has fantastic design and how it was so finely crafted in just a day is beyond my imagination. Top work as always, Obsidian! :D

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Unknown date

This is actually pretty good for a wad made in about 24 hours (beats my work so far at least).

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Unknown date

Interesting, but not my thing really, therefore I give it 3 stars.

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  • File Reviews

    • By RetMenTos · Posted
      It was fun (technically speaking). I was on the train and I had nothing to do. So I fired up this wad and chugged through a couple of these levels. Special thanks to my good friends iddqd and idkfa, they made this experience bearably amusing.
    • By Never_Again · Posted
      Three levels in three separate WADs (EHD11, EHD12 and EHD14) dated March 31 1994 - 26 years and a day ago. The author, Ed Jankovsky - a student at Northern Arizona University, announced them on the same day in newsgroup alt.games.doom in a thread titled "Try These New Levels!!!"   https://groups.google.com/d/topic/alt.games.doom/VUFq8jK-RxM/discussion   The number of the exclamation marks in the subject reflected the author's excitement rather than the quality of the levels. Even by the standards of the day they were rather poor - Michael Kelsey's STONES had been out for several days already.   The only noteworthy level in this pack is EHD14. It's a 5x5 grid of empty 256x256 rooms, each with a teleporter in the center. No monsters or exit, this was probably meant to be a DM-only board. All weapons except the shotgun are present, as well as some ammo. There are a couple more rooms extending north from the north-easternmost grid cell, but to proceed you need to raise the bridge across the nukage first. The switch is in the center of the grid. Once you get to the northernmost room the things finally start getting interesting.   You can walk out of the map into the void through the north-eastern corner of that room. Then you can go west and circle the map to your heart's content, provided you keep far enough away from the two nukage sectors. You can even travel in the void between the individual grid cells and examine their contents from outside. Once you drop into the nukage sectors extending out into the void the journey is over, however. The nukage won't harm you and you can get back into the map but you cannot get onto the walkway or back into the void.
    • By DoomShark · Posted
      Good wad, Although its an old wad but I really enjoyed playing it.
    • By Denim Destroyer · Posted
      Going Down is hard for me to review because of how unique it is despite being just another Boom compatible megawad. Plenty of megawads exist that have unique themes and brutal open ended levels but Going Down sets itself apart through intelligent use of Boom actions. No two maps feel exactly the same because under the hood they always have something different going on. Walls falling to reveal a new hellish underside, a dark mirrored version of our world, rooms that transform faster than you can blink an eye, and a literal descent into the mouths of hell are just a few of the things Going Down does to stay fresh. Go play it and you will not regret it. 
    • By Senor500 · Posted
      Took me a whole 40 minutes to finish, perhaps I'm just slow, but this map in UV is pretty tough, complete with Doomkid's charm and his custom monsters, definitely does what it sets out to do pretty well. I couldn't find the ssg and indeed it makes the thing quite hard, wasn't a fan of the final fight either, but overall, very fun to go through.