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ODESSA12 ("Chambers")

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About This File

Within this seemingly peaceful complex lies a Computerized Torture Chamber where some alien being is experimenting with human beings,namely your former comrades. Seek out and destroy the inhabitants therein. Recon has reported that the entire local population surrounding this complex has been wiped out. Proceed with haste, but exercise extreme caution. You will be teleported to the tower at the entrance, alone as usual.

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I Drink Lava


The 8th Odessa map starts out pretty interesting, with a series of dickish, Plutonia-esque traps. There's a rather interesting one involving a staircase that's actually a series of lifts that serve to waste your time, only to open up a closet full of Pinkies who gradually close the gap between you and the damaging floor. There is one annoying Bob Evans trick where a door opens behind a fake wall; guess he intended for you to listen closely? There's also an entire optional blue key wing that's found with a double linedef secret, but honestly it's not worth the hassle. It takes just as long to complete as the main level and your only rewards are a BFG9000 and Soulsphere that ultimately go unused since everything's already dead.

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A hit and miss for me. The red key "structure" is a must-see. The Annoying Steps(tm) maybe also. OTOH there are many completely bland-looking areas, a dark corridor with demons and spectres, the wooden section w/berserk and more. About 80% of the monsters are demons/spectres and imps.

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Another of Bob Evans's Marmite-like (love or hate them) WADs, laden with booby traps and infuriating switch puzzles. Its strength is gameplay; this is not a tourist attraction. Lighting is above par but not fussy. Texturing is competent apart from a dodgy ceiling change but also rather whimsical. I never found the blue key (or visited those areas) and had to use the map cheat to solve the red key puzzle, having failed to pick up an automap.

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It was exciting. Every time I'd pick up a weapon or more ammo, a bunch of creatures would come out and I'd use up most of that ammo. The maze is solvable, but difficult.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Kristian Nebula · Posted
      Used it a lot back in the days and really loved the graphics editor!
    • By KickAss · Posted
      I don't know what to think about a file which has no file size description. A lot of promissing information is written down here but nothing about the file size ... . The pictures are not that promissing too. They look a bit better than the old ZDooM port but GZDooM looks way better even with all settings vanilla imho. I don't know why I should dowload this.
    • By Robo_Cola · Posted
      Very cool mod that does exactly (for the most part) what it sets out to do.  If you like the more horror/oppressive side of Doom (or even the palette of the original Diablo), this is your pick.  It looks particularly good in Software mode with the diminishing lighting not shifting the reds (as much), and the lighter blues look absolutely *gorgeous* in particular with the Plasma Rifle.

      Love it or hate it, it's worth a play-test.
    • By Obsidian · Posted
      This is a bit of an interesting one to revisit for me: Whispers of Satan was a mapset I played fairly early in my mapping career and it's influenced my approach to level construction and visual design more than I initially realized. At the time I ran out of steam around MAP22, but recently I decided to take another stab at it and finish all the levels. Which I did! Having done so, these are my thoughts.   Gotta start with the big one: Whispers of Satan is a damn good-looking mapset. Excellent texture usage and attention to detail were big draws for me when I first played this years ago and I ended up mimicking it a lot in my own work: to some degree I still do, honestly. Maps like MAP10, MAP16 and MAP28 stand out as particularly good examples of this school of design, with all the detailing work coming together to craft an excellent sense of place. This is bolstered by the custom soundtrack, which has some absolute bangers in it (in my decidedly unmusical opinion :P).   I also gotta shout out the fact that Paul and Kristian undeniably had fun putting this together, as can be evidenced by the silly little easter eggs and gags that are present throughout. There's the secret and super secret maps of course, but you can also spot a little bit of silliness in the main lineup and it's a touch I appreciate in the way that it gives a mapset life and charm. Again, it's something I was inspired by in my early mapping career and you can thank WoS for any gaff or joke you find in my own maps.   There is however an elephant in the room that I have to address and that is the map design itself. Other reviewers have pointed out the excessive symmetry that plagues a lot of the map architecture, but there is also a general sense of formula that can wear on you as you progress through the megawad: by the time you're in the final third of the main block of maps, you can distinctly see them falling into the same gameplay pattern and it starts chafing in a big way. MAP25 and MAP29 are two big culprits in my eyes, but there are plenty of early maps that follow the same formula and get a pass simply because of their placement in the megawad and (relatedly) the length of those experiences. This formulaic approach also creeps into the gameplay and monster usage and serves to make the latter half of the megawad something of a slog to get through, which explains why I didn't progress past MAP22 all those years ago.   I ain't gonna say that it doesn't deserve its Cacoward or anything though: I can appreciate the work that went into creating Whispers of Satan and the influence it had on what came after. It definitely has its flaws and as a gameplay experience it doesn't really hold up, but I can still admire it as a piece of Dooming history and I wouldn't be the mapper I am today if it didn't exist.