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ODESSA12 ("Chambers")

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About This File

Within this seemingly peaceful complex lies a Computerized Torture Chamber where some alien being is experimenting with human beings,namely your former comrades. Seek out and destroy the inhabitants therein. Recon has reported that the entire local population surrounding this complex has been wiped out. Proceed with haste, but exercise extreme caution. You will be teleported to the tower at the entrance, alone as usual.

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A hit and miss for me. The red key "structure" is a must-see. The Annoying Steps(tm) maybe also. OTOH there are many completely bland-looking areas, a dark corridor with demons and spectres, the wooden section w/berserk and more. About 80% of the monsters are demons/spectres and imps.

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Another of Bob Evans's Marmite-like (love or hate them) WADs, laden with booby traps and infuriating switch puzzles. Its strength is gameplay; this is not a tourist attraction. Lighting is above par but not fussy. Texturing is competent apart from a dodgy ceiling change but also rather whimsical. I never found the blue key (or visited those areas) and had to use the map cheat to solve the red key puzzle, having failed to pick up an automap.

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It was exciting. Every time I'd pick up a weapon or more ammo, a bunch of creatures would come out and I'd use up most of that ammo. The maze is solvable, but difficult.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Gottfried · Posted
      Imagine whole WAD like this :o Very nice, I loved the layout, how they used virtually all options doom offer for floored levels, event triggers, lightning, new monsters (especially phasing ones) and even freeze gun. 9.5/10.
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Short and sweet fun map from one of the authors of the Serenity Trilogy. Love the starting room. Cute midi.
    • By Ofisil · Posted
      A fantastic, single-level wad. Levels that last quite long, or have more than 200 enemies are usually a no-no for me, but Total Control manages to remain interesting throughout, keeping u on your toes with limited ammo (initially) and even less health items, in a map that's full of hitscanners, and plenty of darkness. The atmosphere is top notch and goes hand to hand with the D64 SFX. The detailing is fantastic (tekbase lovers will love what's in store), but isn't the focus. The gameplay is, which is basically some great, survival-style Doom fun.   Plus, great use of limited spaces, that rarely feel unfair, and very good use of enemies that are usually handled in a very bad way (Revs, and Chainguys). Minus one star for the simple reason that it kind of overstays its welcome, and sort of becomes predictable after exploring more than - the quite large - 50% of the map.
    • By Gottfried · Posted
      At the beginning, it goes by nice curve, later on, though, it feels twice as restart - after 2-3 maps that can be actually done wholly just using chainsaw quickly comes run-through-only map 24 (unless you are Doom god, you will not get 100% kills no matter how much you utilize infighting, which is huge shame for otherwise maybe the most beautiful map of the pack. To me it feels like author took maybe hundreds of hours of hard work and then trashed it straight into the bin). Overall, I must praise rather detailed designed of maps - there are lot of nice small features and you feel that authors put really lot of work and thoughts into most of them. Nice escalation to ending to it, nothing too crazy combat-wise, but well-done balance, I loves dark demon caves for instance..
      Overall, rather enjoyable WAD, but would play second time maybe few levels.
    • By NaMcOJR · Posted
      I have really enjoyed playing MOTM, it features very nice traps, with a good difficulty level and great graphics/environment. Well placed ammo which makes it balanced against some harder fights. Overall very well done.