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ODESSA 1 ("Odessa_X" No name actually)

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The setting is somewhat medieval/modern. I do have a keen interest in castles and I think it is reflected in my wads. The scenic quality is pretty good (I think anyway). Somewhat of an Arena style.

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Lovely puzzle-centric map that was a little more action-packed than I remember. Progression made sense and I didn't find myself wandering for too long without finding some way through the level. If you get lost in this level the automap helps a lot and gives some hints as to where the next area to explore might be hidden.

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The first of the Odessa series, and one of the lighter Evans maps.  Very little incidental combat, rather oriented towards small setpieces interspersed with obscure progression.  It builds up to a fun final battle.  A good intro to the Odessa series - you're going to want to get used to the idea of checking for offset textures and things that look wrong in the automap.

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Unknown date

A cerebral map that has been expertly textured and lit. Unfortunately few of the locations have any real atmosphere or sense of place; each is just a set-up for the next trap or puzzle. Redeemed in my eyes by the evident care of the author and steadily ramping difficulty, but I highly doubt that many people would have the patience for this nowadays. Beware that at least one switch is hidden behind an ordinary texture.

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  • File Reviews

    • By GuyNamedErick · Posted
      Not a bad WAD for 1994, the time the level was created. For such a unholy temple, it isn't very bad to plow through, and a little dull in some rooms, although some add some weird designs to stand out. The lighting is nice and the map isn't too confusing nor frustrating. The WAD might be good for a casual level to plow through, so it may be worth a shot if you are into some old obscure maps.
    • By GuyNamedErick · Posted
      The idea of the map isn't really, bad the execution is rather sloppy and while being nonlinear isn't something I see as a bad thing, there is really nothing stopping you from beating the map in 15 seconds or less if you somehow found the exit first try. Textures are sloppy, most rooms are cramped and tight to enter, buildings are thrown in randomly yet the rest of the outside map is just empty apart of a few trees. Monsters teleport inside the buildings or outside them every now and then, and it is nice that they teleport to "random" areas of the map instead of 1-2 fixated ones. However, there just isn't much here, it's pretty much what you can expect out of an old WAD.
    • By The_SloVinator · Posted
      Well done! Someone should actually remake this in Doom 3. That would be sweet!  
    • By Meril · Posted
      Very good. Some minor problems like theme is not consistent, final fight in very dark area. Overall, fights are very well designed. It gave me a lots of fun.
    • By Meril · Posted
      E1M1 is ABOMINATION. Long, angular corridor with few side rooms. Each wall has diffrent texture (not literraly, but this is extremely ugly). It awesome in 'the worst wad ever' category. If you like playing crap - must have! E1M2 is slighly better. It has some shape, and base theme. BUT still nothing impresive. Some annoying features like monsters shooting through the wall, ugly texturing etc. Overall: First map 0/5, second 2/5 = average 1/5*. If you skip E1M1, it's kinda ok.