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Elroy Blom

About This File

Replacement of wyb.wad, due to a downloading mistake. Doom2 wad with a medium large labytinth where you'll find a bunch of secret doors...When you play it on ultra- violance go easy on the ammo, otherwise there's enough.


The authors of all the various programs I used.


New level from scratch

Editors Used

Deu for Windows 1.23(final), Warm for Dos and RMB



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  • 2

Main action takes place in monotextured maze filled with monster closets. The "hub area" isn't bad. Also map is too easy even on UV. Nothing special.

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Unknown date

  • 5
I liked it

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Unknown date

  • 2
Most of the level is a big maze. It isn't bad, but it's not really worth checking out, either, unless you're really bored.

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Unknown date

  • 4
I liked it too. No nonsense Vanilla.

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  • File Reviews

    • By trrobin · Posted
      Technically speaking - this is a work of art; however the gameplay is not as good as it could have been. Still it is quite surprising and interesting particularly with the cyber confrontation, but it's over so soon! An intriguing idea that should be expanded.
    • By trrobin · Posted
      Fantastic wad with some really impressive architecture that just keeps getting better with each level. Very challenging gameplay too, even on HMP! Recommended.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Incredible! Must play! Almost every texure, sprite and flat were replaced. Maps are really nice designed and detailed (for 1995). Ambient sound, sometimes phrases from the movie (i think, I've seen Alien long ago) Few types of aliens, great atmosphere, scarce ammo muliplies sense of threat.  what else to say? But there some bugs (sadly not only facehuggers, which doesn't hug)... I don't know if bugs come out from GZDoom, or I messed up but: Aliens which throw acid still has sound of imp, some railings are messed up and fly near the ceiling. Saddly there's no exit from final level (E2M8), because author used Alien which is Mastermind replacement, not cyberdemon. Secret level is SO BAD... It is punishment for nosiness. Map is large undetailed maze with ugly texturing. Moreover this is triggerhunt, you have to find a line which opens more of maze. Better don't find this shit. Overall, except secret level this is really great adventure, but not without a flaws. 4.5/5*
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      Quite a decent and apparently well regarded early Doom map. Almost 300 enemies on UV, but not too difficult by today's standards. Visually okay, though a bit spartan with plenty of plain white walls etc. There's also a Doom 2 conversion of this (Redrum2.wad) which can be found on some of those 94/95 CD compilations, but it's somewhat disappointing - no revenants, mancubuses or archviles, even on UV difficulty.
    • By lupinx-Kassman · Posted
      An old partial conversion that uses dehacked for some nifty effects. You can leave shotgunners in a sorta slumped state, watch a building get demolished, and use a mancubus's arm as a weapon among other things. Goof++; Tickles my soft spot.