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a level for Chex Quest

   (8 reviews)
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About This File

One level of moderate difficulty for vanilla chex quest.

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Yuki Senmatsu

Unknown date

Great wad, but missing textures.

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Unknown date

This looks like a typical simple beginners wad with all its flaws: simple / poor map layout, poor and even frequently bad texture use, floating flats (inside the maze), poor ambiance, and - most important: almost absent gameplay. I didn't have fun playing this, so 1 + 1 for the efford = 2/5.

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Argent Agent

Unknown date

Okay for a beginner map but the layout relies too much off of mazes. Could also use some help on detailing. Also not sure why the author is using chex.wad instead of chex3.wad for the source since chex3.wad has more resources.

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Unknown date

I should've chex®ed myself before I wrexed myself. Even without the canonical Digital Cafe© texture alignment and detailing, the gameplay is fuxed. The only ammo in the level is inside a secret in a maze™ and guarded by a bung-load of monsters. I ended up having to use the plasma rifle™ to push the fukken® baron™ aside so I could dodge his poorly-cropped ass and get to the exit. In short, Chex® Quest™ is a dumping ground for '94™ filth, and you should buy all the fucking Chex®. 5/5 -IGN

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  • File Reviews

    • By DoomGappy · Posted
      This is like the Amalgoom project 20 years before it ever came to be. Amazing little map. 
    • By Obsidian Plague · Posted
      A fun idea, a fun execution, and even more fun gameplay. Wonderful. A must play.
    • By Zerofuchs · Posted
      Great WAD, solidly nails that fantasy castle crawling feeling, not too rough on the player nor overly stingy/generous on supplies, encourages good use of items, plenty of navigation and switch puzzles as is apt for Heretic, but also lets loose with a little slaughter.   Some areas could use slightly brighter lighting, and sometimes the next switch or door isn't signalled too well, but overall a fun and feisty fantasy fight fest.
    • By Darman Macray · Posted
      These levels are short, sweet, and pack a lot of punch. Complete with a humorous end-text-screen containing a healthy dose of silly shock-humor, this is a masterful triumph of Heretic map-making, and most certainly a must-play wad.