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About This File

DAEDLUS2.WAD level names:

Level 01: "Outpost"

Level 02: "Power Plant"

Level 03: "The Chapel"

Level 04: "Courtyard"


This .WAD file is the third installment of the "daedalus" series, a replacement for levels 5 and 6. They are, appropriately enough, considerably harder and more complex than any of the previous levels. If you liked the first four levels, you should love these...

Level Descriptions: -Level 05, "The Bastion" As you materialize on a teleport pad in a small brick room, the first thing to assault your senses is the putrid smell of rotting flesh. Turning around, you see that the source of this smell -- a dismembered Archvile chained to the wall. Not a good sign... But where the hell ARE you? Glancing up through the skylight (we'll pretend this is Heretic) you see that you have been transported deeper into the mountain range. The exact nature of this complex eludes you, however -- it must have been mostly constructed by the demonic invaders.

In this level, your greatest challenge is the Bastion itself -- two large gates that are virtually crawling with enemies. If you can pass these, you can escape into the dark tunnels beyond. Don't be tempted to just run through this last section of the level, unless you're playing it on a really low difficulty level -- on most levels, your only chance is a series of "hit and run" attacks.

-Level 06, "Research Labs" You stumble into the darkness of the underground passage, bloodstained and weary from your last battle. Pausing for a moment to catch your breath, you look around. The first thing that becomes clear to you is that these are not natural tunnels. The walls here are metallic, not earthen, and the now-familiar smell of seeping radioactive ooze permeates the area.

You recall some rumours, back before the invasion, that there were hidden UAC research facilities in this part of the mountain range -- soon enough, you'll find out that those rumours were true. As for the specific type of research involved... well, you'll find THAT out soon enough, too.

The darkness ahead fills you with an inexplicable dread, but you really only have two choices: strike ahead into the unknown depths, or turn back and allow the rest of your race to be butchered...

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Unknown date

This is one of the best wads PERIOD. 5/5

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Unknown date

"good evening!"

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Unknown date

Played all 6 levels @ UV. Typical 1994-style, with all its design flaws. Map layout, architecture, monster placements and gameplay are as you can expect: rectangular, little texture use, overly dark areas, flash lightning, a shitload of hitscanners, and way too easy @ UV. Overall maybe not too bad, but nothing special, and nothing new according to 2014 standards. Presumably 4/5 in 1995, but it's 2014, so 3/5 for the efford. Give it a try if you like to play easy old-style maps.

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Unknown date

If you want to go back to 1994, here you go; these kinds of maps are not my taste though. 3/5 for effort

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  • File Reviews

    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Amazing episode, some custom decorations and good care to lights and shadows. I like how he uses the playing space (wide corridors) and how it affects the combat. Despite her beautiful voice, you gotta kill her. Burning trees.
    • By aargh · Posted
      Nice, tight level design. E1M8 was an amazing puzzle map.
      It's surprisingly difficult for a Doom 1 WAD, but for wrong reasons: constant ambushes, monsters teleporting right behind you. Also, there is a serious lack of medikits. Fights with 5 % health and hitscanners all around are common.
      Still, it was quite fun.
    • By northivanastan · Posted
      Seriously underappreciated WAD. If you've played the Japanese Community Project, Manbou (burabojunior) was the most prolific contributor, and without his nine maps, the JPCP wouldn't have the same reputation for fun and artistic flair. He announced Water Spirit in the text file for JPCP, and released it a year later. These are three somewhat challenging maps with high enemy counts and visuals even more stunning than his JPCP maps. Manbou is probably my favorite visual artist in Doom. My only complaint is that the PWAD as a whole is really short, consisting of only three maps that are about ten minutes of gameplay each. It leaves me wanting a lot more.
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Big non-linear tech-base with no music replacement (D_running ad-eternum).
      I know there's a more polished version in an unfinished megawad, with a lot better combat and navigation. Cool idea, not sure about the execution. I recommend playing the reworked one.
    • By northivanastan · Posted
      Would be a 4/5 if it weren't for the last stretch of levels (maps 20 onward) which are absolutely fantastic.   The levels are quite short, but combat is really challenging, especially if you try to get all kills (which I didn't). I think it leans a bit too much on ambushes in some maps, but thankfully there are concept maps like Gladiator, 200 Mega Hurts, and Demonology to prevent things from getting boring. That each level flows into the next, through the elevator (and sometimes other things), is a really nice touch. The visuals are probably the best possible with vanilla textures, and the music, while difficult to listen to, is perfect for this WAD's "chaotic evil" style. It's a WAD worthy of its author, the master of chaos Cyriak Harris.