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About This File

3 quite elaborate maps, prepare for some surprises in terms of new monsters.

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This is a set of three maps by author @Memfis. They're all in Plutonia style and have new music, monsters and items. They're very hard on UV and author didn't bother with skill levels, so the only way to make it easier is ITYTD, which is still quite challenging. All the maps are wonderfully non-linear, and the way traps are set up means that you'll never go into a routine.

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Really not bad maps, but I don't get the very high rating. The visual style isn't great, the monster placement seems rather random, but makes for a challenging play and the new monsters nothing we having seen before. Personally I didn't enjoy playing the maps that much, but it's good craftsmanship for sure. Just not 5/5 material...

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Memfis you're damn good!

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Unknown date

I give this 5 stars, but I think that it's annoyingly difficult, at least in multiplayer Survival UV. I don't know if single is any easier.

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Unknown date

Challenging gameplay, great design, good use of new monsters. I wished much more of it in 1 wad. :) Seriously, Memfis makes pretty great maps. Voted 5/5. The only downside is absence of difficulty settings.

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Unknown date

Props to Memfis for finally doing this (all his maps), they are almost all 4 or higher material and I'm not going to mark every one but he deserved his cacoward last year if not for Kuchitsu alone then for all if work over the years and. In fact it's a bit a shame he hasn't been Mapper of the Year, but I guess he's a bit 'under the radar' at times, even though he doesn't deserve to be.

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  • File Reviews

    • By digithead100 · Posted
      Pretty long maps and there are some real stinkers in there like map 19. But overall, its fun even though it can get frustrating at times.
    • By joepallai · Posted
      A fun, non-linear base level somewhat on the easy side but still worth playing and has good replayability.  
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      The only thing good about this set of maps are the encounters which are balanced. All the rest are horrible, noob designing with invisible pillars in all the maps, unavoidable damage without radsuits, keys required to progress in secret places, hidden teleport required to progress, everything bad in designing you can find in those maps. Be sure to avoid this, certainly one of worst set of maps I've ever played.
    • By Zolgia108 · Posted
      How could i miss this gem for all this time... This is going to inspire me so much, level design is fantastic, top level creativity and a nice challenge. Texture usage is perfect and new sprites and monsters fit in perfectly.   1000/5, easily one of the best megawads ever made! Thank you Skillsaw!!
    • By Hellektronic · Posted
      I'd have to say this is a pretty creative one for Doom 2, its hard with lots of enemies, kind of plays like a direct sequel to Doom 2 in a lot of ways. One thing I will say is that the puzzles are hard to figure out, and might take you awhile to solve (use your map). The music is fantastic though, you don't really miss the classic music, and it's engaging to gameplay.   I will say though, like Doom 2 or Plutonia, ultraviolence is pretty brutal and isn't for everyone. You will get swarmed by absurd amounts of monsters at times, and they'll give you a beating, but it's doable. I'd say the puzzles will snag you more than the monsters, level 2 is a real humdinger, lol.   But, it's a big improvement over wads like Perdition's Gate, the mapping style is pretty creative. I give it 5/5, just so people will try it out.