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Tom's Halls v1.6

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About This File

This is my first attempt at a 'Doom the way Id Did'-like map. It is based mainly on the style of Tom Hall's Doom maps, namely E1M4, E2M1, E2M2, E2M3, E2M4, E2M7, E3M3, E3M7, and MAP 10. Perhaps more of a medley/remix than a raw style replication, I feel it's a decent map, nonetheless. I wasn't arsed to build for vanilla limits, so you'll very likely need a limit removing port to run this. Enjoy!

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Unknown date

Very uninspired E2M2, E3M7 & MAP10 clone, looks & feels like copies of them being put into one level, then interconnected with some simple parts. Which at the end does not give any consistent theme at all. Gameplay @ UV is simple and imho no fun, the shotgun is easy to get after a short run. 1 + 1 for the efford = 2/5, personally I think this is not the way to go for making some succesful level.

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Unknown date

Completed in 17 minutes without finding the blue keycard, which seems like a bit of a design flaw (I skipped half the map). Architecture is nothing special. I didn't appreciate having to fight imps and a baron with the pistol. I did like the infighting at the yellow door. By the way, damaging water is foul play even with "POISON" signs. Nobody pays attention to those things.

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Unknown date

Annoying weapon balance. I beat this map with only shotgun and chaingun, while having to fight whole variety of monsters including the spider demon. Even though ammo for other weapons was provided, I just couldn't find them. Map is okay in all other aspects.

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