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About This File

Set of 12 boom-compatible slaughterish maps. Blast through tech bases, winter maps, hellish keeps and structures in the Void. MAP06 was made with Demonologist. MAP13 is in wad, but it's just an endmap.

Update(25/04/2014): Fixed many bugs on map12

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Unknown date

This is pretty dire. The maps are the poster-children for the "follow the detail guide with no sense of architecture" school of aesthetics, there's tons of crap on the walls to get caught on, enemies are frequently misused (Spectre usage is particularly bad), items are placed into little tiny nooks where they can't be grabbed effectively (particularly egregious with Stimpacks). Many fights can be chokepointed, and much of the layouts is basic room-corridor-room stuff. Bleh.

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Unknown date

Great offering, and one of the best gameplay-oriented mapsets as of recently. Fun for both casual playthroughs and speedrunning.

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Unknown date

Pretty fun and good designed wad, but many prepared templates and copy-paste in some places.

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Unknown date

slaughterish gameplay, maps that aren't puzzles, I like it so far. only on map 6 so far.

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Unknown date · Edited by NuMetalManiak


ah, I can definitely say I'm rather glad that that stupid switch at the end of MAP12 finally works, now I can really review this.


so Rush is a 13-level set from an author known for cunning maps. note I didn't say slaughter, and the textfile even says "slaughterish". basically speaking, these maps tend towards mini-slaughter, which is usually setpieces, and the maps themselves are small. the size of the levels is actually a major plus, heaven forbid I take too long in some slaughtermap with way more than it really needs. several themes are tackled, but they don't matter that much, what matters is the overall fun factor of mowing down the hordes in each level. the ice levels are probably the best, both in design and gameplay, and MAP12 is an appropriate closing map, almost rivaling Sunder in difficulty and detail.


if you really want to survive through Rush's nastiest ordeals, you gotta figure out what you're doing and which targets take priority. maybe watch those infighters, find hidden teleporters and switches to save ammo against mancubi, and always watching the back for the stray arch-vile who comes in. the difficulty progresses very well. there's just fun to be had with Rush, and sometimes, fun is all that's necessary.

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Unknown date

I am not a slaughter fan, but I was curious, played mostly with iddqd, some maps are not so much slaughterish, liked it, looks good, winter theme, manageable progression 4/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By roadworx · Posted
      this is a big ol' exploration map heavily inspired by e2m2, the doom 1 map of the same name. this map takes the concept of the crate maze and not only runs with it but improves heavily upon its inspiration; this map is bigger, harder, and more fun than the original in just about every way. it doesn't use doom 2's bestiary to its full potential - the arachnotron and pain elemental are nowhere to be found - but what it does use it uses well (though i do feel like the mancubus is a bit over represented in this). despite that, it's still fairly easy, with the hardest bit likely being the very start of the map when you have nothing but a shotgun and have to deal with dozens upon dozens of hellspawn, as well as the various encounters with the cyberdemon.   while it is large and it is comprised primarily of crate mazes, it's actually pretty easy to navigate your way around the map. it's divided into several distinct areas, all of which have landmarks to help the player know where exactly they are. i will say, however, that having almost nothing but crates does make the map feel a bit samey after a while, which for a map of this size isn't ideal.   overall, if you're big into exploration and aren't super concerned about not being challenged to an extreme degree, then there's no reason not to check this out. it's fun, rewarding, and while the looks can be a bit monotonous the gameplay is varied enough to keep things interesting.
    • By UAC guy · Posted
      One of the best megawads I've ever played. I especially like map05, though the  
    • By PC2mill · Posted
      I've just finished playing all the maps, and seeing this TNT maps remade is a great feeling. Generally they are all a step above their original counter part, but also having played TNT Revilution I can't help but compare then, and putting the maps that pull the same inspiration side by side there is no contest, Renascence is left way behind, not to say there are bad, but Transduction and Fortress of Bullets are just in another League.
      Now, Taking advantage that I'm talking about Revilution it's map 18 (Hell's Signs) was made by Eternal and probrably is a little glimpse of what episode 2 of Renascence could've been. Finally, I find it very tragic that this isn't getting a sequel, but since Eternal still an active mapper so the hope isn't complete lost.
    • By VanaheimRanger · Posted
      Are we moving on from the NUTS meme reviews and making serious Ancient Aliens reviews now?   Okay, here's mine:   I have played this, and I plan to play it again...
    • By URROVA · Posted
      i loved this wad! the theme is pretty good, and the music is nice! the thing i disliked about it its basically the thing you grab a key and automatically... archvile. Besides that i really loved this wad :))