DoomSplitter's Custom Palette

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David Reirden a.k.a. DoomSplitter

About This File

This is a simple wad that replaces Doom's default colors. I tried to achieve various effects with the default sprites. For example; zombies now have "bleeding" eyes, and the archvile summons orange flames!


New from scratch

Build Time

A few hours

Editors Used

Photoshop, bagheadspidey's Palette Dump Tool, XWE


Some graphics may look odd, especially when fading to darker levels.

User Feedback

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Unknown date

  • 4
I like it. I've seen palletes that looked ugly in their dimness and dullness, this one manages to work rather okay with Doom's graphics. I only dislike how red colour fades into grey.

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Unknown date

  • 5
I'll give you credit. Using this for NIGHTMARE! Palace Wad for a more creepy and Gothic touch.Hope it goes well.

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Unknown date

  • 4
Nice, but RSKY2 is messed.

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Unknown date

  • 5
Now that's a cool simple wad! 5*

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Pretty cool map for the time, loved the details!
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      hey i knew these levels from Endless Torture, hah. fun set still. fight me.
    • By Myst.Haruko · Posted
      Well, this mapset was enjoyable for me. I know, everyone has different tastes, but this one has nice vanilla tricks and main gameplay made think about some routes to not get killed instantly. In other words, I say it was challenging experience. In texture and detailing case, it could be better, but I won't complain for that. 
    • By felgro · Posted
      Did we play the same wad? This is awful. Screwy textures, broken lifts/doors, incomprehensible and confusing gameplay etc. etc. etc. Just awful.
    • By felgro · Posted
      Generally good episode replacement, but ruined by overuse of lost souls in e3m8. Why do people do this? It's not entertaining, it's not clever - their novelty wore off in about 3 minutes in original Doom. Nothing, but nothing, ruins an otherwise enjoyable game than waves of lost souls ad nauseam. There were 250 monsters as is - and author had to spoil it by overwhelming things with around 200 lost souls. Stop doing this. Just stop. I want a patch that will erase these things from a wad as it loads.