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Abandoned Misery

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About This File

This map was included in my huge project 'TGRDM3'(Morgenstern) that originally started back in 2007, but I finally decided to kill the project on the 26 October 2014. The development time was going to take several more years to complete, and making maps that uses 3D Objects - heavily - on a 2.5 game engine is overly complicated along with its limitations. Abandoned Misery was originally half-way designed back in 2010, but later completely redesigned in 2013 (which is the version released). I honestly believe that this is the first - real successful Deathmatch map I have ever created in my entire history of Doom modding. Call me bias, but I have rejected approximately 37 maps that I have created for the TGRDM3 project, but this map is one of the survivors in the new stock set. I hope others enjoy this map and possibly use it for other projects.

Revision Update (23 June. 2016) This is a revision update from the last known release. Updates: This update addresses several issues and minor changes that were resolved in the TGRDM3 project and has been imported onto this project. Imported the maps from TGRDM3 to AMISERY: Abandoned Misery and Abandoned Misery [Lite]. This is an updated version of the maps previously released back in 2014. Notable fixes: Jump Pads, Camera Textures, 3D Teleporter support Various and minor changes are also included. Any specialized TGRDM3 features that were not present in AMISERY were excluded. For example, Jump Pad sparkles, various sounds, ring spawners, and others, were excluded. Fixed the Grenade's bouncing sound. Previously, this did not work as intended. Grenade now inherits from the Grenade Class defined in ZDoom. Updated the Performance Note Updated the texture credits.

Revision Update (13 September. 2015): This is a revision update from the last known release. Updates: Added duplicate version of 'Abandoned Misery' (MAP01) -> 'Abandoned Misery [Lite] (MAP02). This map is designed primarily to resolve frame rate performance issues by removing some resource intensive features. Also, with removing such features such as floor reflection and mirrors, this should be less confusing to players as it - could be possible for players to mistake themselves as an opponent within the game.

Revision Update (12 September. 2015): This is a revision update from the last known release. Updates: Imported the ZMapInfo lumps, yet modified, that was originally from the TGRDM3 project. Replaced the map 'Abandoned Misery' with the version from the TGRDM3 repository. This mainly (and should only) include weapon and THING placements. Imported the competitive weapon stock set that was previously in the TGRDM3 repository. This effectively means that all of the weapons used within the map, contains very different properties based on the original Doom game itself. For example, rockets are much faster, shotguns have a vertical and horizontal spread, super shotgun has a slightly tighter spread, and much more.

Revision Update (31 December. 2014): This is a revision update from the last known release. Updates: Added Fog using resources within the Realm667 site. Added Sector Fog Added Rain using resources within the Realm667 site. Added splashes using Enjay's "Splashes" resource mod file. Added one ogg music file from 'Shane Strife'. (see \Documents\Credits.txt for more details) General map fixes and updates For example; the glass ceilings where not set properly with the currently used sky. Some instant death sectors where not set properly. Texture alignment

Performance Notes: This map might be rather resource and rendering intensive on various systems abroad. Here is a few Console Variables that could help a bit by disabling some special features based on the GZDoom engine: Line Mirrors --> GL_Mirrors (or R_DrawMirrors for Software Renderer.) Sector Reflections --> GL_Plane_Reflection Dynamic Lights --> GL_Lights Draw Translucency --> R_DrawTrans Rendering Precision --> GL_Render_Precise

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It's just so beautiful, one day this wad will be able to run with very little lag and it will be excellent when that day arrives. Quality, pure quality.

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I'm afraid that it is very slow in windows10 + gzdoom 1.8

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It is a very good DM wad and very eye candy. However no matter how good is your computer, it WILL lag. Of course it is not a mapper fault, but the engine. So my simple advice is simple, less eye candy next time. ;-) 5 stars.

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Unknown date

Can't review this WAD from DM standpoint but it looks very impressive. In fact, it's worth to download it to run around for a few minutes and experience it yourself. One thing I didn't like is bouncy pads design which looked out of place but other than that it's perfect. And yeah, it's very laggy in one area for me (740M).

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  • File Reviews

    • By Meril · Posted
      For 95' map is really ok. A bit "blocky" design, but not bad. Map is rather big, it takes me 40min but i get lost in one place. Some good traps, IMO kinda challanging at the begining, before you get ssg. Overall good classic wad.
    • By Erick · Posted
      Fun map that captures a nice TNT-ish feel with plenty of weird yet also nice looking rooms, groups of hitscanners and demons to blast through, and a sense of adventure to it. Taking the MAP14 slot, you would see the episode 2 skybox of TNT: Evilution and listen to the track "Cold Subtleness", both creating a nice atmosphere to the map. Worth checking out!
    • By Player Lin · Posted
      Doesn't like the layout and monster replacements, I didn't found RL until got the yellow key and found a lot of rockets, the location where RL is confusing me, and it also not fun when you get kicked down from the cliffs by Revenants, Mancubus and Archviles after the way to Blue key door, the way to the teleporter just far enough to kill you if not killed by monsters which kicked you down. Final timed puzzle room just nasty as the cyberdemon and archvile fights in the same place, not sure why make the level so big but can't make the fights with them also on bigger place too?   It's not bad level but I'm sure the frustration level is sky high, and not sure the slopes from ZDooM do anything good to this level too.
    • By Player Lin · Posted
      Normally, I don't like DooM (1 or UD) WADs because I tired shooting baddies with shotgun as most of them tend put a lot of shotgun guys/ammo and I have shot those full of shotty shit...well, this one can't escaped from that but I found author's tricky as I didn't found many of them(or they placed when I needed to use shotty), also the monster placements(with middle-tier ones) in this megawad helped too, even E1 doesn't suffers low-tier ammo-droping-fest unlike IWAD and most PWADs.   Level layouts and theme are interesting, some E3 levels just a little mazed but I feel okay, never get lost...many levels I feel plays like IWAD but better and larger, you'll found middle-tier monsters in E1 levels and it helps the gameplay, unlike the IWAD you'll have too much ammo in every level even pistol start, if you wasted too much and will out of ammo for sure(at least in UV).   All I can say about this megawad is...fun,  vanilla fun. Except E3M8, the yellow key area with platforming when all enemies + 4 cyberdemons are try to kill me and battles-of-deal-with-4-cyberdemons-or/and-other-powerful-monsters are nasty to me, on top of them, the final "BOSS"...I feel trolled...really? IoS-style?? IT'S ****ING DOOM, NOT DOOM 2 WHY USE IOS-STYLE AS FINAL BOSS?!  :P (At least there is no respawning monster cubes just annoying cyberdemons and barons...but they're still give me a lot of headaches as the battle area isn't very huge and a little cramped I think...)   But at least IDMUS11 helps me dealt with those problems all, for some reasons I feel the main theme of Power Ranger does fit DooM...don't know why but I keep switch to the theme with IDMUS11 cheat if I don't like the level's music, helps me blast through this megawad and the nasty E3M8. :P
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Download the REAL file here (rd1.zip is NOT correct) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/d64d2   Shocked to see so many negative reviews. I had an absolute blast with this one, and I'm not sure what Nems was talking about with the Boom stuff as this runs in Doom2.exe with no trouble. In fact, there is a TON of impressive vanilla stuff going on here. I guess it was so well done that it tricked him.   This deserves a high score. It's a lot of fun.