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Going Down

   (198 reviews)
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About This File

Something sinister is lurking in UAC headquarters. Grab your gun, head to the roof and shoot your way down through the building to get to the bottom of the mystery.

This is a 32 map Doom 2 megawad - boom format, complevel 9. Each map is a floor, each floor has a lift, each lift needs a key. You'll work it out I'm sure, just keep going down.

These are small, fairly hard maps with high body-counts, and gameplay I would describe as 'chaotic-evil'. The music tracks are my own compositions which you may use with appropriate credits, here is a track list:

map 01, 29 - 'Somebody set up us the bomb'
map 02, 30, 31 - 'Zombie goes shopping'
map 03 - 'The haunted supermarket'
map 04, 15 - 'Running from the jazz robots'
map 05, 13, 23 - 'The haunted aquarium'
map 06, 22 - 'Lost in zombie cyberspace'
map 07, 20 - 'Mega robo-clown boss battle'
map 08, 14 - 'The haunted waiting room'
map 09, 17 - 'The haunted skeleton factory'
map 10, 27, 32 - 'Robo-zombie mecha-brain boss battle'
map 11, 21 - 'Zombie maggots in the flesh cathedral'
map 12, 24 - 'Chased by dancing skeletons'
map 16, 28 - 'Wedding march for the princess of death'
map 18, 25 - 'Hiding from the robo-zombies'
map 19, 26 - 'Attack of the spider-clowns'
title screen - 'Going Down'
lift muzak - 'Descent of Death'

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Great megawad. Intense, exciting, scrappy maps with beautiful atmosphere. Cool music. And MAP29, wow how amazing that was blowing up the building that gave you nightmares for weeks. Giving this masterpiece a 5. -pcorf

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Had a lot of fun playing this with some friends on survival. Spawned in map29's control sector with some other players, otherwise, great map set!

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Argent Agent

A damn fine mapset, even in multiplayer.

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No comments required, all has been spoken by the former reviewers. 5/5

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A real gem of a wad. lots of variety given the very small map sizes and also a great use of boom trickery as well. 5 well earned stars - Cannonball

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Dominic White

Fantastically creative level design all the way through. You'd not have thought so much mileage could be squeezed out of 'A tower and an elevator', but Mouldy is a strange and brilliant creature.

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A mapset which, despite the wildly varying themes and settings, is brilliantly cohesive, establishing a solid mood and telling an engaging story. The maps are short, chaotic, and sometimes very clever, with good replay value, as mouldy gives the player plenty of leeway to approach things in different ways. The set is held together by mouldy's excellent visual design, which is all the more impressive given that he uses only stock textures. Mind bogglingly good.

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You can argue there might be a dud map here or there, or something that's not everyone's liking. But the thought and effort that went into crafting this wad cannot be undermined, and the result is - without a doubt - successful. Sure it's slaughter but you can turn the difficulty down - and for a change - the maps are never real big to go along with it (though half of Resurgence was that way too). Every level is different, so don't judge on by its predecessor. Definitely right up for the best of 2014.

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Bite-sized maps with wildly different gameplay themes and unique narrative. Seriously, it has a goofy plot that pulls all the insanity together in a funny way. If you ever think a map sucks, the next one will probably feel just right. Highly recommended. -mystery person

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Definitely worthy of a 5 star rating: top-notch gameplay, excellent visuals and the music is mental in the best way possible. Thanks for making this dude. - Obsidian

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