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About This File

Another pretty easy and short level, inspired by Kama Sutra Map08.


Graphic makers, Lee Jackson for the track "Task Force" from Rise of the Triad, authors of things that inspired me, TL for his idea of putting "0" at the start of the filename and then coming up with something funny, Doomworld users for playing and commenting.


New from scratch

Build Time

A couple of hours, maybe 5 or so (not consecutive)

Editors Used

GZDoom Builder, XWE


I guess you can arch-vile jump out of the level if you want :-)

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  • 3

For a map made in a couple hours, it's pretty fun and good. I love the design of the level overall and it is nice to play. My only negative is that it's short, like 5 minutes long. Now I have nothing against short maps, but feels kind of anti-climatic when you really start enjoying the wad only for it to end so quickly. Other than that, it's a good level and nice to play.

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  • 5
Fun punk map.

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  • 3
Not bad 5-minutes map. Basic gameplay, but amusing.

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  • 3
Nice map :D keep it up! A little shot the map but its pretty exiting playing this map. I hope you make more maps.

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  • 3
Enable whitespace and indent your readme files with spaces, not tabs. That way you will avoid getting them all fucked up when displayed on different tab width settings. Map itself is quite good with continuous action and deserves 4 stars, but it's too short.

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Walter confetti

  • 3
funny map

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  • File Reviews

    • By Obsidian · Posted
      Adorable, if a bit insubstantial: I'd give this 3 stars due to how little there is, but I feel like I'd be ruining someone's day if I did. Also the default hand acts as a somewhat rapid weak chainsaw in the stock maps, heh.
    • By DyingCamel · Posted
      Adorable, but sadly only one room. Wish there were more so I could spend more than 5 minutes in this world. Love super creative stuff like this!
    • By jwilliams051197 · Posted
      These maps suck, please put more effort.
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      A short set of maps by the author of the excellent Alkylation. These are not quite as ambitious, but still imaginative and with plenty of quality action. Be prepared in particular for some close-quarters encounters with Revenants, Mancubuses and Barons in tight corridors or confined spaces. There's also a custom designed boss at the end which takes a bit of seeing off....   A slight oddity of this wad is the inclusion of mini-levels with just a handful of monsters. The last of these, the 'Postludium', takes place after the boss encounters, and requires you to defeat a Cyberdemon in order to get back to your spaceship. There don't appear to be any ammo or weapons around, so pistol starts are out of the question and you'll be dependent on carryovers from the previous level - make sure to have a good scavenge around before leaving it.   Played on UV, continuous, GZDoom.    
    • By Dedalus 80 · Posted
      Quick and fun to play map. Well chosen music and nice gothic setting. Medium/high difficulty.