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Before the Nightmare

   (81 reviews)
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About This File

The mastermind has perished at your hands, you have single-handedly fought your way through all of hell. Feeling like you're on top of the world you return to Command HQ, thinking you're ready for anything they can throw at you. They tell you to clear the demons out of Antarctic Bunker #54, seems easy enough. After all, you did just destroy hell itself. However, what you found in the bunker was an unspeakable evil, one far more powerful than demons themselves.

FEATURES: 32 Levels. New weapons to replace the old ones along with some extra weapons. Advanced ACS scripting. Cutscene driven storyline. Tons of new music Epic boss battles. And much more.

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One of the best WADs of 2015 for sure.

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Maz Hades

Fat ladies. 10/10

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My opinion on this megawad is that it's a wad of epic proportions. Aside of all the stuff regular doomworlders would hate with a wad, you can't say that it's complete shit. Some of the scenes are funny, some mysterious, and (a trait I don't like) some are just fillers. There's also the large assortment of weapons, a plentyful of monster kinds, detailed maps and a funny backstory to it. What else to say but 5/5?

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B4NM manages to capture the spirit of UACMN perfectly and happens to be far superior than Jack's fanmade sequel. -Doomguy 2000

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