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illicit engineering

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About This File

A new Doom 1 episode. Eight levels of killing monsters in corrupted bases and demonic strongholds as you try to thwart Hell's plans to construct twisted machines using stolen and warped UAC technology.

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Labyrinth-like level design, with OK lighting. Pointy, box-like sectors with questionable texture placement. As for gameplay, it's nothing really unique or new, and it should have took advantage of switches, lifts, and other stuff more. It wasn't very fun to sit through, but it had its moments. Despite all of this, I still felt like the author tried. Hopefully they learn from this and improve on future WADs. 3/5 Stars. ~undead~

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Before you lies a horrendous visage of never-ending labirynths, randomly shaped rooms and corridors, ugly textures, tediously placed demons and shockingly quite nice lighting effects for a good contrast. The hell crumbles when you shoot 3 ALT+F4s into its brain. This is an anti-thesis of what a WAD should be.

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At what point in their lives do Doom map designers fail to notice that doors are not 3 or 4 metres thick? Even bank vault doors are only 1 metre thick. I don't know about the other maps, but the first one is straight out of a time capsule.

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The three previous reviews describe this WAD's shortcoming accurately, with these exceptions: this is not an E1 remake (it's a mix of E1 and E3 themes) and there *are* a few secrets, it's just that the author didn't seem to be aware they need sector special 9. An extra half-star for vanilla compat and no bugs.

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Dull and poorly constructed with minor attention to detail in the lighting but nothing of note otherwise.

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438973897-th E1 remake. It's not really awful, but has too simple architecture, too simple ambiance, and too simple and highly repetitive and predictable gameplay. It even doesn't have one single secret... Overall it's unattractive, and doesn't add something new. Only thing better than meh is the lightning on places, but that's not enough for raising it to 3* average. Pity of the effort.

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Rooms are blocky, texturing is plain and gameplay is a bit uninspired, but the author seems to have a decent grasp of the basics and understands lighting effects decently. I'm guessing this was a first project sort of deal and for that I'll give 3 stars. - Obsidian

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  • File Reviews

    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      Does it have a lot of details and some creative Boom scripting? Absolutely. Is it actually fun to play? Absolutely not.
    • By BaraKornel · Posted
      Looks great, gameplay is decent, loved the atmosphere.   It is short, but the replay value is quite high.
    • By meapineapple · Posted
      This is a great map, especially considering how much time it was made in! Short, but very enjoyable.   I recorded my playthrough of this map, and you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-lBdiGspwo
    • By meapineapple · Posted
      An impressively large and labyrinthine map, even by 2018 standards. It was enjoyable for the most part, with reasonable health and ammo balance, and interesting to explore. My one big complaint is the teleporters - the map would have already been difficult enough to navigate without apparently patternless teleporters all throughout the map!   You can watch my two-part playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9Zrs5PcljE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhzaiqfM6Uc
    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      An amazing hellbase style level mixed with a bit of cave exploring, utilizes ZDoom effects to create a nice atmospheric environment to play in. I played on UV and found the difficulty to be fair while still presenting a challenge in a few spots. Overall it's pretty good but could of ended a little better as I am not a fan of arena endings.