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The Power Plant ver 1.5

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About This File

A new twist on pwad deathmatch creation.. a PWAD *MADE* for team play! some of the stuff you just can't get without a partner ( Like the BFG ) The BFG is a Trap, you can get TO it alone, but you can't LEAVE it alone. ::Grin:: ( Phrasing completely intentional )

The exit room has more than one switch, ONLY ONE IS THE TRUE EXIT! the rest lower the ceiling... ::Grin:: see how eager you are to run for the exit now coward...

- New in 1.5 For some reason, 1.0 didn't work... (maybe its because I forgot to rebuild the nodes before I released it to the public? naaah....) Anyhow, it works now. Made a few changes as you'll see....

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Unknown date

An early level from the days when people were very uptight and still said PWAD. The zipfile has 550kb of screenshots. The level itself is ugly, with lots of catwalks that would be awful in deathmatch. Playing single player you get masses of health and all the weapons against 48 mostly weak monsters. Poor.

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Unknown date

ok, this section is for single player or coop maps POST YOUR DETHMATCH WADS IN THE DETHMATCH SECTION!!!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Xyzzy01 · Posted
      Totally not biased giving this review or anything... :D
    • By Scotty · Posted
      A set of compact, sub-100 monster maps that create challenge through a combination of devious enemy placement and instances of highly unforgiving architecture - in some respects, this is reminiscent of a highly compressed version of Sunder.
    • By dylux · Posted
      Did I miss something here from the players that gave this wad a 4 (and above) rating? The maps were too short, too linear, very bland and very easy. The music was horrible on most maps. With the exception of the elevators, I absolutely hated the new sounds. Finally, the soldier face was a bit much.   I did the first 6 maps in roughly 30 mins. - and that included looking for the secrets (which slapped you in the face at most times). I got to Map 14 before I just gave it up out of sheer boredom. I just couldn't see it getting better.   Sorry, IMHO, the play for Operation: BIOWAR just wasn't fun for me, even on UV.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A very short map by our friendly joe-ilya, this map have a lot of nice little touches all around.... I like it!
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Is a charming little blue map, i like it!