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Vanillic Acid

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About This File

A short pure-vanilla level I did to break up work on a zDoom project. No difficulty settings. It's yet-another-base theme with focus on concrete instead of space walls. I would personally rate it medium-to-kinda hard, but that's me. It's rough using only keyboard controls, but completely possible. Par Time is only about 2:30. It is not designed with play into the next levels (Map02) in mind, and may bug out on some ports.

Wound up eating more time than I expected, and I learned (and suffered) a lot under Doom in Doom format and texture limitations. Second or third map I've ever taken semi-seriously, depending how you slice it.

Ending zone is also filled with potentially too many revenants, out of frustration from working on the project.

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A proper level that doesn't stand out in any way. It's stereoptypical in every aspect, and for players who already played many WADs this one won't have anything new to offer. This level is correct in every aspect, and just that. Difficulty is on a higher note as not many ammo & health pickups are provided.

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A vanilla map with not so vanilla style micro detailing. The base looks a bit boring/\depressing with just white and black, and all action takes place in small-ish rooms with nothing really memorable happening. Way too average to be of any interest.

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A nice vanilla level. Simple but effective with some pretty design in the hell warp part. Recommended for a quick blast.

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Small and basically simple in-house level with some nice decoration and ambiance. Gameplay @ UV is not bad but also not special, and not difficult at all. Overall this looks & feels like a too small but besides that, average coffee-break map.

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