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Vanillic Acid

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About This File

A short pure-vanilla level I did to break up work on a zDoom project. No difficulty settings. It's yet-another-base theme with focus on concrete instead of space walls. I would personally rate it medium-to-kinda hard, but that's me. It's rough using only keyboard controls, but completely possible. Par Time is only about 2:30. It is not designed with play into the next levels (Map02) in mind, and may bug out on some ports.

Wound up eating more time than I expected, and I learned (and suffered) a lot under Doom in Doom format and texture limitations. Second or third map I've ever taken semi-seriously, depending how you slice it.

Ending zone is also filled with potentially too many revenants, out of frustration from working on the project.

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Looks pretty detailed for a vanilla level. The techbase part looks too much gray for me, i didn't like that part so much, it looks depressing. The red key hell warp section is kinda difficult as you need to defeat a duo composed of one Hell Knight and one Revenant in a cramped space.
I played on UV without saves using PrBoom+ source-port. While the map itself is not so difficult, you should be careful with of ammo management and the revenant trap at the end, as it as it can kill you very quickly if you didn't expect it.
Vanillic Acid isn't bad, but not amazing either.

- zeppelin



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Lol 6


Neither bad nor amazing. Giving it 4 stars because I actually enjoyed it

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Denim Destroyer


Picture this: you are playing a community project megawad and are still within the first ten levels. Some of the levels you have already played are fun but then you arrive here. Nothing bad or good and is over before you know it. The perfect level between two good levels in a megawad.
Vanillic Acid is not part of a megawad or even a level set but exhibits all of the characteristics of a filler level. It has all the base characteristics of a Doom level and fails to do anything interesting with it. This level isn't bad but in the ocean of idgames why bother taking the time to play this one?

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A proper level that doesn't stand out in any way. It's stereoptypical in every aspect, and for players who already played many WADs this one won't have anything new to offer. This level is correct in every aspect, and just that. Difficulty is on a higher note as not many ammo & health pickups are provided.

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A vanilla map with not so vanilla style micro detailing. The base looks a bit boring/\depressing with just white and black, and all action takes place in small-ish rooms with nothing really memorable happening. Way too average to be of any interest.

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A nice vanilla level. Simple but effective with some pretty design in the hell warp part. Recommended for a quick blast.

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Small and basically simple in-house level with some nice decoration and ambiance. Gameplay @ UV is not bad but also not special, and not difficult at all. Overall this looks & feels like a too small but besides that, average coffee-break map.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Philnemba · Posted
      Had a blast playing through this 2001 classic on UV with saves although the last 2 maps were such a ball buster I wasn't sure if I was able to complete this wad but heavy save scumming prevailed 😅. Also I personal think Map 10 is the best Archvile only map I've ever played to where I think its better than both Plutonia 1 & 2 😈    
    • By printz · Posted
      A low-detail tunnel dungeon with tricks and traps, probably typical of dungeon crawlers. The execution falls rather flat, with too little detail and trial-and-error situations. Gameplay ends early, you don't need to go everywhere.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      It's a cute first mapset by FractalXX, a mapper mostly known to be the project leader of Gridlock 64 and some other maps for other projects. The wad is strongly reminiscent of 90s mapsets and have quite good attention to detail, as well of lots of "bright colors"  in the textures usage that is rare to see in Doom maps. All maps are pretty short (the one that take me most of the time it was 10 minutes of play) and this mapset can be finished in a half hour. Best map in the pack is MAP09, but overall  a ok episode for pass the time.
    • By spd7693 · Posted
      Didn't impress me much. The maps are short and mostly simple, you start and you finish - that's it. Most of the maps are simply arena fights with some tougher monsters. 29 is a bit of hectic and I will say that I don't like secrets that obviously require an arch-vile jump. Maybe OK to be speedran on UV-Fast, or UV-Respawn - it's quite challenging - but for a calm player like me, who enjoys playing tricks with monsters and finds more thrill dodging projectiles than fast-killing stuff, this wad was quite boring. I'd honestly rather play Eternal Doom than this. (If I have another 6 months to spend, of course.) Let's see if Zone 400 will be more thrilling.    Yeah, I am seaching for maps with lots of fight puzzles, switch puzzles and moving around, that aren't as long as the ones in Eternal and Epic 2. Is there such a wad at all? 
    • By Lebsrostla Halabala · Posted
      I think it is a great megawad to improve skill of someone who just finished Doom II. Short and fun levels with great soundtrack.