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Countergoat Initiative

   (6 reviews)
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About This File

CGI1 is a dueling mapset with 30 standard maps, four gimmick maps, and a hub (Zandronum only). They have been crafted and finely tuned by the best of the best in the Countergoat cause.

MAP01: Donut De-Livers by TheMionicDonut music: midi of Virtua Fighter 2 - Chicago

MAP02: Mixing Bowl by ClonedPickle music: "Fold" by Mark Klem

MAP03: High Fructose Corn Syruppuku by Jimmy music: "Liquid Luck" by Jimmy

MAP04: Pier SR50 by Alfonzo music: "Spectral Cybernetics" by Jimmy

MAP05: Alfonzo Battles Genghis Khan in Old Neo Tokyo by Tarnsman music: MAP29 track from UDMX, by Ralphis

MAP06: Whore Island by Alfonzo music: "Bombshell" by Jimmy

MAP07: Thirteen Men All Backflipping Into a Shitstorm to Piss Off Alfonzo by Tarnsman music: "some Marvel vs Capcom theme" [thanks, Tarnsman]

MAP08: Saskatoon by RottKing music: Chipp's Theme from Guilty Gear X

MAP09: Jactory by jmickle music: "altazimuth" by jmickle

MAP10: Tarnsman Digs a Hole to Guatemala by Jimmy music: "Minerals" by Jimmy

MAP11: Alfonzo's Jungle Excursion: No Gaycaeks Allowed by Tarnsman music: a midi of "Bungle in the Jungle" by Jethro Tull

MAP12: Alfonzo Battles the Golden Ninja Clan for Control of Mount Fuji by Tarnsman music: a midi of "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals

MAP13: Goat to the Choppa by Jimmy music: "Reign in Madness" by Symphony X

MAP14: Blunt Force Vasectomy by ClonedPickle music: "Wrong Turn" by Jimmy

MAP15: Clusterfuck Processor by Marcaek music: ??? by Jeremy Doyle (requiem map19)

MAP16: Off the Rails on the AD Train by AD_79 music: "Cosmic Prolapse" by Jimmy

MAP17: Sandpaper Blowjob by ClonedPickle music: midi of "Preacher Man" by Fields of Nephilim (shoutout to TheGreenHerring for knowing that)

MAP18: Wilhelm Academy by Alfonzo music: map28 of 32in24-10

MAP19: Mambo Number 6 by TheMionicDonut music: midi of "Mambo Number 5" by Lou Bega

MAP20: Petersen Baekery by Marcaek music: level 17 of Descent 1

MAP21: Dyslexia Station by Jimmy music:

MAP22: Pepsi Blue by Marcaek music: level 2 of Descent 1

MAP23: UAC Ultra Quesadilla Explosion by TheMionicDonut music: Kraid's Theme from Metroid

MAP24: The Toilet Store by TheMionicDonut music:

MAP25: Pot City by Megalyth music: "Dark Halls" by Bobby Prince

MAP26: Mr. Tib's Crib by Tib music: "Run 'Em, Gun 'Em, Kill 'Em" by Jimmy

MAP27: Redeemed Memories by ClonedPickle music: "The Unjolly" by Mark Klem

MAP28: The Pipewall Doesn't Stop by RottKing music: Gungaroon's Theme from Mega Man X7

MAP29: License to Stack by Alfonzo music: "Warehaus" from Duke Nukem 3D

MAP30: License to Stack 2: Crate Expectations by Alfonzo music: MAP21 of 32in24-12

~~ gimmick map zone ~~

MAP31: Angry Towers with Top Hats by Xaser music:

MAP32: Alfonzo's Vacation in Peter Burns' Nightmare Funhouse by Tarnsman music: midi of "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive

MAP90: Baratus' Freaky Fucktangle by Baratus music:

MAP98: Jimmylight Projectile Hell by ClonedPickle music: midi of "Even Flow" by Pearl Jam, improved by Minigunner

BUNKER: Countergoat Hub by Tarnsman music: "Rise" by Lee Jackson

Intermission music: "How'd I Do?" by Lee Jackson

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Needs to be a sp wad, with goats as the monsters.

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Should be pretty easy to mod this for odamex. Nice!

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There is good here. There is also bad here. Hopefully the team learns from the mistakes and makes another pack. Less focus on gimmicks, more smooth layouts please.

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Good looking maps and a lot of not so good gameplay. Interesting gimmicks with not so good execution. This is Team CGI's first attempt at duel and overall not terrible. Take the best 5 maps and make a pack then you'd have a good pack.

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good map

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  • File Reviews

    • By Meril · Posted
      It's large 1995 map. Starting area is looking nice, but later author lost creativity and made mazy corridors. Very challenging because of overuse of chaingunners. It's extremely annoying. Lots of traps, Some clever, some not fair.
    • By HUGEkidsY2K · Posted
      Too linear in my tastes looking back now, will do better with my next projects!
    • By Meril · Posted
      For 95' map is really ok. A bit "blocky" design, but not bad. Map is rather big, it takes me 40min but i get lost in one place. Some good traps, IMO kinda challanging at the begining, before you get ssg. Overall good classic wad.
    • By Erick · Posted
      Fun map that captures a nice TNT-ish feel with plenty of weird yet also nice looking rooms, groups of hitscanners and demons to blast through, and a sense of adventure to it. Taking the MAP14 slot, you would see the episode 2 skybox of TNT: Evilution and listen to the track "Cold Subtleness", both creating a nice atmosphere to the map. Worth checking out!
    • By Player Lin · Posted
      Doesn't like the layout and monster replacements, I didn't found RL until got the yellow key and found a lot of rockets, the location where RL is confusing me, and it also not fun when you get kicked down from the cliffs by Revenants, Mancubus and Archviles after the way to Blue key door, the way to the teleporter just far enough to kill you if not killed by monsters which kicked you down. Final timed puzzle room just nasty as the cyberdemon and archvile fights in the same place, not sure why make the level so big but can't make the fights with them also on bigger place too?   It's not bad level but I'm sure the frustration level is sky high, and not sure the slopes from ZDooM do anything good to this level too.