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The Realm of Parthoris - 2015

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About This File

Welcome to The Realm of Parthoris, the fantasy world in which Heretic takes place. This project aims to create a community based Heretic episode by the end of 2015. A texture pack of 500 textures and flats has been carefully compiled to compliment and expand upon Heretic’s fantasy setting.

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pretty good, has interesting music selection, overall gameplay isn't too rough. the wait at E1M8 could've been way shorter. most of the maps are reasonably sized and no real troubles with progression, apart from E1M9 which is more of a puzzle map actually.

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· Edited by galileo31dos01


Done with these settings:


- ZDoom 2.8.1. plus a DECORATE that twists some RNG values.

- Thou Art a Smite-Meister (skill 4)

- Continuous combined with a wand start mindset.

- Saves every 10 minutes or so.


Super fun episode as expected. This is the second Heretic pwad I've played, and I truly enjoyed it from start to end. The visual side is absolutely great, it's notable that the authors designed their maps to fit the new textures in the best way possible, and make each section distinguishable and memorable. Dynamic use of lights to add difficulty in traps, slippery snow that messes up with your dodging, lite platforming on lava not inescapable, varied geometry that aren't just corridors and rectangles, are among other things what the wad offers in terms of details and layout. Besides, custom music, and very enjoyable ones, particularly E1M5's midi which fits perfectly with the start of the map. 


While the maps don't have any special sort of connection with each other, thematically speaking, they do offer a cohesive style of combat that isn't seen in the iwad. It's very trap based, but also has a lot of incidental combat that can easily overwhelm a careless player. The enemy placement isn't just there for cleanup, despite the differences of RNG with Doom monsters, on wand starts you have to cross through the crossfire to find your weapons, which can be tricky here since the more you advance, more enemies will teleport in and cannot be simply ignored forever. TROP also comes with its own puzzles courtesy of an author who I read is a fan of them (Obsidian ahem...), his E1M9 is what I would consider the "infamous" map of the set, as it requires an unusual approach to reach the exit, plus some quite interesting hazards like automatic exploding pods. The rest of the maps don't have any cryptic clues for progression, they can be linear or non-linear, but since their general size is big (except E2M1 which is clearly a speedmap), exploration is an important feature. What else?... oh yeah, crushers, good old crushers just when you didn't expect them! Hopefully all of these things will catch your attention in a positive way, as much as they did to me. 


Secret-wise, I'd actually recommend to find them as some will contain a powerful weapon, so the gameplay won't be crossbows-only. They aren't so hard to find, given the new textures it just takes some careful observation. There is one unreachable secret in E1M5, a hidden switch that doesn't work will prevent you to grab a visible item from another room. I also found some HOMs here and there, but nothing that affects the gameplay. No favourite maps, because I enjoyed them all pretty much the same. 


Overall, no gripes, no dislikes, the mapset is a must-play even if you're only keen to Doom. My rate is 9/10.

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Really good, indeed!! I've always wanted some nice megawad for Heretic and this one gave me it. Nice level design, slaughtering of thousands of enemies in one map, using brain in the other. Some maps were too chaotic though and I felt list many time... But hey, still one of the most perfect megawad for Heretic so far. enkeli33

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  • File Reviews

    • By rd. · Posted
      50 Shades of Graytall is a seemingly improbable success of a project that was born when Gez I believe jokingly suggested a texture theme composed of a pair of Doom 2's awkward misfits -- GRAYTALL and FIREBLU -- and a texture designed for basically one purpose (it's in the name): DOORTRAK. And then miraculously, Someone actually did it.    Naturally its restrictions would seem to consign it to the garbage bin, but it worked out very well, becoming a darling of the community (but not of livestreams).     Part of the reason 50 Shades of Gray worked so well visually was that despite the apparent memeiness of the theme, the chosen assets complemented each other quite snugly. GRAYTALL, with its obnoxious off-center red strip and that ugly arrow-like splotch, is tricky to get a handle on as a mapper, but with some anger effort spent on alignment, it gives you pretty red borders, either around the original gray core or freestanding, with can be fit to planes of arbitrary width. FIREBLU is an eyesore embodied, but with its purple-blue scheme, it comports well with the red strip of GRAYTALL -- in big picture terms, it functions as a splash of color among the other two desaturated materials. DOORTRAK is a crime painted '90s style over vast surfaces, but over sleekly shaped smaller ones it's not so bad, and something about being the only dark texture means that eventually your mind starts to perceive it as shade and contrast itself, rather than "this ugly thing customarily used for doors."       Add a very pretty primary skybox -- all inky blue and pink-tinged splotches, all stars and comets and nebulas in a spacebound sky -- that is fittingly sort of a "serious" take on FIREBLU in spirit. Add each mapper's ability to choose one texture to use for floor and ceiling (usually ones that meshed with the texture theme in some way). In the end, the working materials were ultimately quite harmonious in their minimalism.     The project head Marcaek was also picky about what maps he accepted, sending rougher work back to the drawing board or in some cases serving up outright rejections (especially to work sent in batches by one particular person who likes to chuck lower-effort maps at every community project within earshot). That makes him kind of the bad guy, some might argue, but strict QC is often a necessary evil for ensuring quality with open submissions.    Handed all of these elements with few defined rules or instructions for making it all work, the varied cast of mappers (which, looking at the roster again, has a suspiciously high number of "big names") did their own thing, in different ways, which was the final element of the magic gluing it together.       The typical 50 Shades map is fairly short and to the point, almost as if motivated to end before your eyes started yelling about the overexposure to FIREBLU, but of course Mechadon threw a curveball by being himself, with a long odyssey that is honestly little different from his usual sprawling feat of relentlessly intertwining architecture and crazy interlocking angles, just with these textures instead. There are abstract little gameplay-oriented maps that focus on punchy, kinetic action in varying molds -- pistol-and-shotgun pecking early, a brief and hyperviolent BFG romp late, and every degree in between. Some mappers attempted to reach into other dimensions entirely, fashioning surrealistic art pieces that compensated for the narrow palette by concocting something out of nothing -- as with Dobu's exploiting negative space in the form of invisible sectors, and NoisyVelvet being, "Hey, HOMs are a texture too!" Of course there were crates. Contrasting the natural lean towards abstraction is a bit of stubbornly playful representation: castles, faces, giant stick figures crafted out of sectors.   In sum, it's good shit.   
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Dario Casali siege-carnage adventure. There's maybe a thousand monsters in here, so better find those weapons and start to think how to digest it all. Watch out for those nazi ghost. Built time about two. Funny.
    • By Yandere_Doomer · Posted
      The level design is absolutely great! i love how it makes you genuinely feel like you are in a building the whole time..   For some reason this wad gives me a Die Hard vibe [probably the whole "Go down a building" Motif... now all we need is a demonic Hans and we are all set]   but yeah.. great wad overall...
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Amazing episode, some custom decorations and good care to lights and shadows. I like how he uses the playing space (wide corridors) and how it affects the combat. Despite her beautiful voice, you gotta kill her. Burning trees.
    • By aargh · Posted
      Nice, tight level design. E1M8 was an amazing puzzle map.
      It's surprisingly difficult for a Doom 1 WAD, but for wrong reasons: constant ambushes, monsters teleporting right behind you. Also, there is a serious lack of medikits. Fights with 5 % health and hitscanners all around are common.
      Still, it was quite fun.