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Valiant: Vaccinated Edition

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About This File

This edition of Valiant strips out all of the MBF DeHackEd work from the original release, which means this version is compatible with gameplay mods!

If you really disliked the additional monsters and weapons in Valiant, you could also play this version as an alternative, since none of that content is present. Have fun! It's probably going to be a bit easy, though.

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High-rated WAD with 32 levels in sci-fi style with a corresponding soundtrack. There are two versions. One is compatible with custom modifications. The other is not. I passed the first one. WAD combines well with Complex Doom.


Settings and other:


* GZDoom.

* Passed in combination with "Complex Doom".

* Difficulty - "Ultra-Violence".

* There are not many secrets at the levels and often they are not too hidden. I didn't bother with collecting 100% of them, still.

* Large-scale maps.

* Most of the levels are huge fortresses.

* Each episode has its own style.

* On MAP31 there is an easter egg which refers to an unfortunate poster with a phrase from John Romero.

* Chained switches and portals moved directly from Hexen.

? When MAP18 starts 118 opponents for some reason immediately die. It is not clear whether this is a bug, it is planned so or something like a bonus for certain achievements on previous maps.




* MAP07 - "The Mancubian Candidate" has a large number of archs. Combined with Complex Doom and difficulty it may seem overwhelming, but it is not. After exiting the teleport to a circular location, where soon those will also appear, you first need to clear the top of the point with the help of BFG from the archs that appear, then, ignoring the rest on the hills, press the button, go into the passage that appears with two revenants. Further there should be no special problems. At the end of the level a cyberdemon awaits. If you play with Complex Doom it will be the most dangerous version of it.






* MAP08 - "Bushwhacked". It is also a fairly challenging map in the mountains with a difficult start. Ignore most of the opponents - you need to consistently pick up the blue and yellow keys. Until you get a rocket launcher spending ammo and time on mancubuses or spiders, firstly, makes no sense, and, secondly, it will be possible to deal with both of them later at a much closer distance.




* MAP10 - "Candlecove". there will be a moment where you need to fight the cyberdemon in the pit. I recommend using energy weapons and running left / right. Occasionally you can hide in small nooks and make shots from a four-barrel gun. After some time the pillar will rise and the task will be simplified. In the case of Complex Doom there is a black and green version of the cyber, quite dangerous one.


Pros and notable maps:


+ Style.

+ Soundtrack.

+ Of the good maps, you can note: MAP09 - 14 Angrier Archviles, MAP10 - Candlecove.




* On MAP13 - The Netweaver there will be a lot of imps, particularly at the end of the map. BFG will help.






+ MAP14 - Impolsion. Compact map. ~ half of 201 enemies attack immediately after the start. A large number of imps and exploding barrels. For staying alive the best strategy here is the highest ground where the enemies, if they can climb, will climb one by one.


+ MAP15 - Screams aren't crime ... yet. There are 487 enemies on the map. Most of them are zombie soldiers that teleport to one location. In combination with Complex Doom an ordinal meat grinder is obtained, in which all that remains is to hide and shoot from around the corner where part of the teleports is located. There is also an exit to the secret level 31. To get to one you need to turn a series of switches which will open several gates.


* MAP31 -Cyberwar 7734. ~ 1625 enemies. Fortunately all of them do not attack en masse, but are divided into groups by sectors. The level is still difficult. The number of enemies can float depending on the number of lost souls. The idea of shelters and hills also works here. However, in cases of things like




it's better to have charges for BFG + keep invulnerability nearby. In this picture several dozen (and maybe much more than a hundred) revenants are captured. Behind them were a few dozen more cacodemons and a few barons, not counting also a number of other opponents.




A small part of the results of the carnage.




To open the secret passage to level 32 you need to collect 3 keys. Yellow in the cave is easiest. Red is closer to the end of the level, can be obtained by jumping into an inconspicuous teleport, which is marked simply by a white cell (highlighted in orange on the map) and blue, which is also at the end of the level and is guarded by 2 cyberdemons. In the case of Complex Doom - their most dangerous variations, black-green and flying onces. From second one you can pick up the best variation of BFG and invulnerability. The last one I used at the beginning of the MAP16.


+ MAP32 - The Ghosts of the Old Kindgom. A compact level-easter egg in the ancient Egyptian style. 119 opponents, no secrets, divided into 3 sections. At the end there are several arches that will attack one by one, playing the role of a kind of evil mummies.

+ MAP16 - Toxic Traverse.

+ MAP17 - Precipice.

+ MAP19 - The Popes of Roam. Complex. E3M1. Start with a pistol. Immediately after the start 4 cyberdemons await, not counting a number of ordinary opponents, with the amendment that they are several times more dangerous in Complex Doom. You need to turn right and then break through to the stairs with several zombies. Flip the skull switch and move on to the next one. You need to be able to run across the map by pressing several switches so that opponents begin to attack each other. Be distracted by them is useless - they will kill with one or two shots + there are no places where you can sit out. For some time, after dealing with the switches, you can hide here:




But I do not recommend staying in this location for long because after some time 4 cyberdemons will completely block the passage. There will be enough ammo to kill one only. It remains to maneuver around the map - the most sparsely populated point will be in a place where it was possible to release revenants. There is a door at the same point which requires a blue key.




I took the plasma gun from the secret after the destruction of the cyberdemon and, as a result, I didn't have enough ammo left to deal with all the opponents, including the remaining barons of hell - I settled on the number 178/202.




+ MAP27 - Rocket Zone II. On the map you can find a secret teleport which will lead to a location where you will need to fight ~ 401+ enemies while listeting to "The Final Countdown". The timer, which can be seen on the wall, displays 10. It will gradually decrease and after some time new sections will open in the location.


* MAP30 - Electric Nightmare. It is required to hold out for a sufficient amount of time until a teleport appears. The transition to such completes the level. In my case for it's appearance it was necessary to destroy ~ 148 out of 154+ emeies.




 * As such there are no one exist if you do not take into account some of the maps are the same in case of their type - fortified fortresses, fairly linear passage.

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Darman Macray


I just finished playing this with Final Doomer and Bratwurst, and it was great! It's easy to see why this is such a wildly praised and recommended megawad. I loved the episodic format, and the radically different locals that each section brings. The wad has such a nice use of color and the pacing of every map is so butter smooth. Every episode does a great job of riding the fine line of challenging without ever falling over into a punishing grind of difficulty. 


Believe the hype. This is a must-play.

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Thank you for protecting me from Covid 19

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I, too, liked this version over the original. Great eye candy here. Beautifully designed. Challenging, but I would have liked to seen more puzzles.

You already know that anything (especially) esselfortium, Espi, skillsaw, and all the other talented mappers on this game had a hand in, is going to be nothing short of awesome.

If you are into combat, then this is the WAD for you.


4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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· Edited by Nems


Unpopular opinion here but I vastly prefer this version of Valiant over the original version. I didn't find that there was that much of a change in terms of how challenging it was with the removal of the custom monsters (but I do find skillsaw's wads in general to be above average in the difficulty department). Both versions are a blast and I recommend playing through both but, as I said before, I prefer this one over the original due to the removal of DeHacked stuff.

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Vaccinations did not cause autism here

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Awesome! And thanks for making it mod compatible

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Bryan T

Couldn't someone just deleted the dehacked file? lol. Anyway, thanks for this awesome wad. One of my top 5 I think.

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  • File Reviews

    • By P41R47 · Posted
      Pretty entertaining and challenging mapset. The maps start in a somewhat heretic or cave theme at first, and with a really abstract style with just tiny little realistic details. It use TNT as iwad and there are just a few maps with name patches. The rest and the text screens are the ones from TNT. The story is interesting: Serena, B.J. Blazkowicz's wife, worried that, after the incident on 20 Days In Hell (but it could be also after Doom 2 final map), he hasn't returned home yet. So she decide to go search for him. In the proces she found that every map we play is an hour of torture for her husband, and thats from where the title 32 Hours of Pain come. Thematically, the maps use the TNT skies to tell the story, starting with Serena on earth, vayaging throught space on map12 to map20, and reaching hell where her husband is being tortured on map21 to map30   Maps have a good gameplay, and the little and few details really stand out from the abstract design, like in map11 the ship sailing out to space. The design varies from really large and big open areas to really cramped and difficult to traverse tunnels and areas. Thus, it somehow really grasp the TNT feel and style. The texturing is varied, from monotexturing to using different themes like starbase and marble on the same map, especially on those where the hellish influece is seen as bigger.   I really enjoyed it! Its not a masterpiece, but it certaily has a charm and offers a good challenge. Kristian Aro's story, maybe i'm wrong with this, was use as a base for 2002: A Doom Odyssey later as its pretty similar. This mapset is kinda analogue to Paul Corfiatis The Twilight Zone. Both follow a free thematic texturing from map to map, both have a story mostly told throught little details (TTZ has a proper mapinfo on it, though) and both shows the first mapping efforts of their respective authors and how the ideas here lead to their later awesome mapsets.   I recommend it to anyone who is seeking abstract design and challenge.
    • By Meddy · Posted
      Short, but pretty well done. The best custom Hexen levels I played so far.
    • By Roofi · Posted
      Very decent map from 1995. As previous comments said, it looks like a workplace with two floors tons of openable doors.   The gameplay is very classic but very enjoyable. The progression may be quite confusing, especially about finding the yellow key which was hidden in a little compartment as if it was a secret. However , discovering each room was a pretty exciting experience.    Also this level has a cool sense of place. I really like the idea of creating "elevators" by using teleporters as well as the partially demolished 2nd floor.    Despite being an easy level, some traps may kill you like the surprise monster closet with barons near the author's signature located at the beginning.   Aesthetics are ok but I really enjoyed the use of light gradiants in some corridors , they make the stock textures look a lot better !
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Hunting for those letters reminds me of Star Force, that alone makes the set memorable. Cute midis, some custom textures and fun gameplay. Maybe it was the first episode replacement I played. Long ago. :)
    • By rd. · Posted
      50 Shades of Graytall is a seemingly improbable success of a project that was born when Gez I believe jokingly suggested a texture theme composed of a pair of Doom 2's awkward misfits -- GRAYTALL and FIREBLU -- and a texture designed for basically one purpose (it's in the name): DOORTRAK. And then miraculously, Someone actually did it.    Naturally its restrictions would seem to consign it to the garbage bin, but it worked out very well, becoming a darling of the community (but not of livestreams).     Part of the reason 50 Shades of Gray worked so well visually was that despite the apparent memeiness of the theme, the chosen assets complemented each other quite snugly. GRAYTALL, with its obnoxious off-center red strip and that ugly arrow-like splotch, is tricky to get a handle on as a mapper, but with some anger effort spent on alignment, it gives you pretty red borders, either around the original gray core or freestanding, with can be fit to planes of arbitrary width. FIREBLU is an eyesore embodied, but with its purple-blue scheme, it comports well with the red strip of GRAYTALL -- in big picture terms, it functions as a splash of color among the other two desaturated materials. DOORTRAK is a crime painted '90s style over vast surfaces, but over sleekly shaped smaller ones it's not so bad, and something about being the only dark texture means that eventually your mind starts to perceive it as shade and contrast itself, rather than "this ugly thing customarily used for doors."       Add a very pretty primary skybox -- all inky blue and pink-tinged splotches, all stars and comets and nebulas in a spacebound sky -- that is fittingly sort of a "serious" take on FIREBLU in spirit. Add each mapper's ability to choose one texture to use for floor and ceiling (usually ones that meshed with the texture theme in some way). In the end, the working materials were ultimately quite harmonious in their minimalism.     The project head Marcaek was also picky about what maps he accepted, sending rougher work back to the drawing board or in some cases serving up outright rejections (especially to work sent in batches by one particular person who likes to chuck lower-effort maps at every community project within earshot). That makes him kind of the bad guy, some might argue, but strict QC is often a necessary evil for ensuring quality with open submissions.    Handed all of these elements with few defined rules or instructions for making it all work, the varied cast of mappers (which, looking at the roster again, has a suspiciously high number of "big names") did their own thing, in different ways, which was the final element of the magic gluing it together.       The typical 50 Shades map is fairly short and to the point, almost as if motivated to end before your eyes started yelling about the overexposure to FIREBLU, but of course Mechadon threw a curveball by being himself, with a long odyssey that is honestly little different from his usual sprawling feat of relentlessly intertwining architecture and crazy interlocking angles, just with these textures instead. There are abstract little gameplay-oriented maps that focus on punchy, kinetic action in varying molds -- pistol-and-shotgun pecking early, a brief and hyperviolent BFG romp late, and every degree in between. Some mappers attempted to reach into other dimensions entirely, fashioning surrealistic art pieces that compensated for the narrow palette by concocting something out of nothing -- as with Dobu's exploiting negative space in the form of invisible sectors, and NoisyVelvet being, "Hey, HOMs are a texture too!" Of course there were crates. Contrasting the natural lean towards abstraction is a bit of stubbornly playful representation: castles, faces, giant stick figures crafted out of sectors.   In sum, it's good shit.