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About This File

Estranged is a 32 level megawad that uses stock Doom & Doom2 textures, I would describe the levels as cleanly detailed with a variety of environments. Levels are playable from pistol start.

Story: You are a marine stationed on a UAC mining facility on a desolate world on the edge of the known galaxy. Whilst performing routine operations you lose communication with the main base, upon your return you find that demons have overrun the facilities. You send a distress signal but are faced with little choice but to venture inside and do battle with the hellspawn.

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First off, the feat of putting together a cohesive, competent solo megawad gets a lot of respect from me -- it takes a lot of dedication, and as a mapper I can appreciate that. But it's debatably this insistence in filling all 32 slots that holds Estranged back from being all that great. It is a set painted in broad strokes with solid, workmanlike ideas -- the visuals and gameplay are consistently acceptable, sometimes even good -- but design that is truly creative, while it does exist, is dispersed loosely among the mediocrity, and little can be described as amazing. Locales are varied, but certain texture groupings carry a lot of the load, contributing to the overall impression that Estranged would be a lot stronger and more focused at about 50-60% of its current length. 


But if you are looking for a solid offering with traditional stock assets and visuals, and you don't mind occasional armor stinginess (early) or higher monster counts (late), this will appeal to you. I feel compelled to point out that, while later maps indeed lean 'slaughtery', the difficulty at its peak is in the same tier as conventional wads such as Ancient Aliens, a far cry from SF2012 or Sunlust or the like. I would not feel bad having my grandma try to play these maps on UV -- they can put up some resistance, but nothing is too insane. The design is nearly always suitable for prBoom+ (complevel 9), but ZDoom users will have a *much* smoother ride in one map where infinitely tall fliers in narrow chasms are involved. 


3/5 for me, although it can easily be higher (or lower) for you. 

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· Edited by dylux


Played with UV Difficulty Setting


The Good:


-   Maps come in all degree of sizes ranging from very short to extremely long.

-   Plenty of Health and Armor. Ammo too, for the most part.

-   Good difficulty curve as game progresses.

-   PLENTY of combat (if that's your 'thing').

-   No bugs encountered.



The Bad:


-   Most Maps are either a) Too linear AND / OR 

                                   b) Arena style with somewhat "Slaughterfest" style.

-   Most Maps carry very little-to-no secrets - which is understandable, given the “linear” nature of this WAD. And if you CAN successfully locate the secrets, you’ll find nothing special to reward your effort.

-   BOTH Secret Maps (31 & 32) are absolutely horrible. One has ~20 monsters (and the music will want you to bash your skull with a hammer), while the other has ~900+. One is completely linear, while the other is the total opposite. I’ll leave it to you to find out which is which.

-   Nothing new for music, except for the Secret Level. (And I had no hammer.)

-   Nothing new in architecture. Nothing bland, yet nothing awe-inspiring.

-   VERY little puzzles.

-   Hordes of monsters lunging after you, while you stand there with no BFG and very little Ammo for your Plasma. Rockets only, or run-like-you-stole-it, folks. Should you choose the rockets, beware of the appearing-from-nowhere-and-in-your-face-immediately Specters and Lost Souls. Every Rocket Launcher's nightmare. A great example of this was MAP 20 (The Rift[?]).

-   Monsters appear from nowhere. A lot. And their placements are horrible.

-   Pretty much a Slaughterfest after Map 21.


In Short:


This WAD will definitely keep you on your toes. MAP 15 (The Floating Fortress) is, IMO, the best Map in the game. I spent approximately an hour on this Map looking for the secrets, etc. If ESTRANGED was made of Maps similar to this, I would have given it 5 stars - easily.


If you like Slaughterfests, with minimal puzzles, then download this WAD because this WAD is for you. There is no balance of anything here. Point A to Point B. Same old, same old.


I really tried to like this WAD – and I did (somewhat) up until MAP 16. After that, ESTRANGED goes completely downhill.


Yes, it's true that I am not a fan of "Slaughterfest" style WADS. But I've played many of these styled WADS and enjoyed them. The fact is, there's just too many other reasons in the BAD column for my low rating for this one.  


2 out of 5 Stars

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Having come back from a year and a half break away from Doom, this was a great wad to get into the swing of things again. Solid construction which fits the gameplay and some pretty creative situations. A solid sense of world building which doesn't stick to IWAD progression. There is some backtracking for key doors that feels like padding rather than exploration, but it's a good wad with a comfortable challenge.

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Very cool.

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an adventurous megawad. while pretty linear throughout, the gameplay keeps up quite well and the balance is quite good although that slaughtermap at MAP32 is going to make eyes roll. above all else, it is fun to play, and that's what's important.

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This is a pretty cool megaWAD that leads you on a long adventure through tech, then Hell, then ancient ruins, then back to Hell again. The vanilla textures will always be a little bland to me but Foodles does a pretty good job coming up with some Things Not Yet Seen, like MAP15's Floating Fortress. The action is a little linear, but that's part and parcel of the adventure style.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Gaia74 · Posted
      I must say that although it is a wad of terry, I would like to find a serious one like this, new enemies very interesting and original just for their attacks, bosses that have inspired me (and you can see it in my creations) and it is really amazing like this wad despite having their terry traps is entertaining and much better than many wads of 32 levels, if you want to have something interesting to play and different as long as you ignore the story is fun filled with very good boss fights, excellent music, this is an option although if you can not stand the terry traps just do not try it   5/5 to be a joke wad   Gaia74
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      A quarter of a million monsters in a gigantic flat square room. It is said to be for stress testing source ports (and your PC?), otherwise it's on the other side of crazy. It took my PC nearly two minutes to load the wad (I thought it had crashed) and I took less than two seconds to die. At least it ran - the author says he never even managed that.
      The first screenshot has a high viewpoint because an Archvile lifted me. The second shows it in the Eureka editor; seeing only about 4% of the area, and every red square is a heavyweight monster (yellow selecting a caco).  and Doomguy is in the bottom left corner. Eureka was crawling, almost unusable - how did the author even build this?    
    • By CaptainResident · Posted
      This was great. Great joke wad and a great Terry trap collection. Instead of the generic "Oh it's a well made map at first then BOOM" it's actually a well-made megawad that simply has them as little traps that can be avoided. It's able to be completed, seriously. That's new. I especially love the final boss and highly suggest using a cheat against him. Trust me, do it, it'll be worth it.
    • By defiatron · Posted
      This wad is fucking legendary.
    • By geo · Posted
      Are you up for a brutal, non stop challenge through detailed, but bland environments? The Secret Energy doesn't let up, so it's either a low health slaughter map or a speed runner's dream to get from switch to switch, all while enemies constantly spawn in with each button press. There's little health for such meaty enemies and even on the easiest difficulty, it's a slog to kill them all. The place is so big and centralized, you might miss where you need to go next. No arrows, the switches are around corners and walls inside of rooms that may or may not have opened.   It feels like a punishing experience from the first room. It fills with imps, then pinkies, then flying enemies, then revenants and a cyber demon. The entire map is like that. Enter a room and it will flood in via waves. Each wave opens up something new and you need to find where that new thing is. Is it a switch on a wall? Is it a switch inside of a pillar? Did a door just open up? Are you supposed to go back into the main corridors of the complex? At least on my first play through, I felt there was a poor flow to the level.   The game has its detail, but detail with greens, browns, a few blue wires across the floors, perhaps to guide you to the next area. It was all lost on me and blurred together into a jumble. While the structures of each new room was different, it's the color scheme and darkness that stayed the same.   Give it a try. There is something redeemable in here for those hardcore enough to endure the first room, let alone the entire map.