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  • File Reviews

    • By Boomslang · Posted
      holy fucking shit, was this made by some schizophrenic furry or something? why do the enemies spew quotes from movies, why is THE FUCKING STARSHIP ENTERPRISE AN ENEMY!? most of the sprites are unfinished and crappy, the level design is boring and bland, It's like somebody copied and pasted my first doom level over and over again for 3000 maps. i could only get to level 10 before i had enough.
    • By A.H. Sankhatayan · Posted
      The Inmost Dens seems to be one of the most loved Doom II levels. Milo Casali's Neurosphere is heavily inspired by it and it got 2 sequels in MM and HR2. It has a unique and detailed architecture unlike anything else in Doom II, which certainly makes it stand out.   Tom Mustaine is another author who took inspiration from it. His map is fine, not as good as the original but pretty good for 1995. It really isn't anything special though, worth playing mainly for its historic value. I really like Mustaine's levels, but this is probably his weakest.  The story behind it is much more interesting than the map itself. Apparently, it was made for the Master Levels, but when American McGee saw it, he told Mustaine "...go make some of your own geometry! We aren't putting this in the Master Levels."  
    • By A.H. Sankhatayan · Posted
      Probably my favourite 1994 wad. While not quite up to the ID standard, Galaxia is still really creative and unique, but most importantly, entertaining. It has great atmosphere, variety of interesting environments and one of the best MIDIs to ever appear in a Doom wad. Some custom textures and sounds, and an extensive story are a nice bonus. It also features one of the oldest uses of a voodoo doll.   Galaxia is a classic that stands out far above most other 1994 wads, and gets 5/5 for that.
    • By _bruce_ · Posted
      I was pretty suspicious at first, but "ultimately" a very nice experience. Such an "alternate" endeavor can be a dangerous one as the mapper's rubbing elbows with an already established, and quite iconic, map set - but he did well I think. If you're into the "classic Doom" and want some new stuff to play which is different but not too different... give this a "shot"!   p.s.: E3M9 seems quite different.
    • By gum_of_hate · Posted
      I was not impressed at all by this wad. Most maps are sloggish and uninteresting, with very basic combat and sometimes unclear progression or/and obnoxious puzzles (hello, MAP25). The ending (and the whole narrative as a whole) is pretty cringeworthy. There is some cool stuff, like MAP11, but, in the end, it still feels like a major waste of time. Sacrament was way better than this.