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Extreme Terror

   (27 reviews)
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About This File

Demons have once again invaded a UAC military base. Since you seem to be good at stopping such invasions, the UAC has sent you to contain the situation.

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Played with:


Hurt Me Plenty


Super cool and fun level. I loved the different areas of the base and the objective status. Especially the reactor puzzle. Very well made!

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having only played a handful of YukiRaven maps, it's pretty much been sort of the same thing with my experience, nicely done visuals and lighting and storyline-based gameplay. it's going to be a linear ZDoom-mission-style map, which may not suit everyone's fancy but i'm okay with it. combat's fairly decent and pleasing for those who will be playing on the lower settings, and the pacing is good too. the boss at the end can be quite hard, might want to get rid of the other monsters so you can focus clearer on the boss. also the deactivating of the counter, I pretty much tried random combinations till I got it right. other than that, yeah, this is a good map.

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What a nice map!


I loved the colors, the use of 3D floors and slopes, and all the extra little tidbits you threw in - the switch beeps, the force fields and on and on.  A really well put together map.  One which made for a great gameplay experience.  A must-play for just about everyone!

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Really enjoyable and well designed techbase map.


The overall atmosphere made me remember Doom 64, or Unreal, especially thanks to the work with color lighting and good sounding music. The gameplay seemed difficult on UV at the very beginning, because of the abundance of hitscanners, which could very effectively control the space of the map. At the moment, when player get super shotgun, all thing come easy, but the gameplay still holds in suspense, because opponents attack unexpectedly. A great challenge for an experienced player.


I'm glad to found another good map to place it in my collection.


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Nine Inch Heels


Very rich in atmosphere and variety, outstanding soundtrack, and nicely detailed. If you enjoy GZdoom features, or want to see a good example of what GZdoom can bring to the table, you don't want to miss this amazing experience, because this one's got all the bells and whistles.


UV, the intended difficulty, makes for a very nice first time challenge, and displays the author's understanding of how to create dynamic gameplay by way of monster placement. I wouldn't recommend trying this on nightmare difficulty though, because that's when things get messy really fast.

Why am I only giving 4 stars you ask? Because hitscanners are used a bit heavy handed at times, which simply isn't my cup of tea, eventhough it makes perfect sense in terms of theme for this map. In addition to that I can't give 4.5 stars, which I would have done, because that's how good this is.

This is a work of art that deserves way more attention than it has gotten so far. Give it a go, it'll be worth your while.

TL;DR: The only reason I am not giving it a 5 star rating is my own personal bias.

Are you downloading this yet? Just asking, because you should be.

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I was completely blown away by this map. The textures are amazing & lighting adds depth. The gameplay is superb & well thought out. Thematic. The custom music is amazing & guides you naturally to a mood & tone. Unquestionably legendary!! Download twice!!

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Damn good.

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Bryan T

Very cool. Can get a little confusing at times. Colored lighting is always nice to see and the music was quite good. Everyone should try this out.

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GzDoom done right; an absolute must-play!

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i like it :) 5/5

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