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Something Awful, part 3 - 7 + 6

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About This File

So, in the 1st part of this map, the nameless hero (not Doomguy!) got to a teleport, which should have taken him to the rescue ship. But, if it did, there wouldn't be a part 3-7+6, would it? The hero appeared in a _very_ tight room, with a switch in front of him, a locked door behind him, and with a complete mess in his brain. "NO! I DON'T WANT TO SEE THOSE UGLY MONSTERS AGAIN! I JUST WANT MY TEDDY BEAR! NOOOOO!" -- shouts the nameless hero -- "WHY ME?!". After a minute of intense thinking, shouting, screaming and other manifestations of pure fear, he finally said "Hey, this goddamn switch should do something, right?". His next thought was "Hang on, where's my shotgun? I remember having it! This place literally radiates creepiness. I have the feeling that things will be getting even more weird. Let's check it out. Besides, begging for my teddy bear ain't exactly the definition of 'hero', is it?" -------------------------------------------- I'm pretty sure this doubled the amount of text you read this year. Have fun!

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I'm pretty sure this doubled the amount of crappy WADs I played this year. Have fun! That was the goal, wasn't it?

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