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Cabro's legacy

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About This File

Cabro's Legacy is a compilatory megawad, created in the year 2014 as an homage to the Cabro's mapping tournaments. It contains maps from the top three winners from each year. These tournaments started in the now extinct Cabro's website in the Y2K, and were later continued in the Arcades3D website until the year 2015. They were organized by Cabro in their first entries; and later continued by the Arcades3D users Mojon Man and Wraith, respectively. Rules has changed over the course of time, but these maps are mostly in classic format, with the main additions (and the only two allowed, in later editions) being the sky and music.

All 42 maps included here must be understood and played as individual entries, because they were originally conceived as independent maps. Upon opening this megawad, you'll start the game in a "Portal level", from where you can access to all maps available.

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Cabro's legacy is a big megawad comprising of a hub and 40 playable maps. While the design of maps isn't that great, the gameplay is balanced with lots of fun and there're at least 10 maps that have more than 500 enemies. I really enjoyed the whole megawad and will replay it in future.

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Un excelente wad.

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Forty-two maps trying to prove their existence, with many of them slipping and falling on their faces. Where did this go wrong? A better question is, "When did it go right?" Answer: rarely. Maps taking minutes to load didn't help, either. 2/5

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· Edited by NuMetalManiak


the history behind Cabro's Legacy is quite interesting, and the mappers involved all seem to be from the same nationalities (as evident by the mapnames, mostly) hosting Doom mapping contests. what Cabro's Legacy is a megawad of 43 levels, all organized for 14 tournaments, giving us the gold, silver, and bronze winners of each contest. these levels are not ZDoom-made, except for the hub which has information given about the tournaments and who won what slot. every time you beat a level you'll be back at the hub, and the wad actually forces pistol starts by using ResetInventory and ResetHealth in the MAPINFO (so if you wanna be a jerk and play continuous, remove these lines from every map). you get a little "COMPLETED" thing after each level you beat. for the first contest, only one map is available and the others are locked, sadly.


so what to expect here. if you're an avid player like I am, you'll find some familiar maps. I remember playing Cosa'e Mandinga, a megawad made by @Aluqah prior to this, and some of his maps were apparently in this contest. Vanilla Sky is also here. Aluqah's maps are pretty well made, as are Eye Del Cul's (he's the guy behind Garrulismo, an average megawad). and HeDRoX is also in this wad. other notable mappers here include Mojon Man and Wraith.


now HERE'S the real deal, many of these maps are huge, and have shitloads of padding for the sake of padding. because of that, I tend to like them less. Mojon Man is a major offender here to be frank, many of his maps are full of hitscanners and his teleporter closets are awfully made. one thing a lot of the authors have that contributes to the padding is one thing I often neglect to mention whenever I talk about stuff in Doom that annoys me, forced arena fights. the reason these are bad is not even attributed to the arena battles themselves, but rather having to wait for something to lower all the way to proceed. this is my biggest issue with many slaughtermaps in this entire set, and too many maps have it. whenever I mention the term "speedrun-unfriendly" I refer to these things.


there is bound to at least be some interesting stuff here, but the fatigue from playing many of the longer levels will wear thin even patient players. you get some individual experiences due to the forced pistol starts, which is neat, but if you wanna go through everything in this megawad, you'd best prepare for a long haul.

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Eye del Cul

This is significant for the Spanish-speaking Doom community. There are some good maps unpublished here (example: the ones from Ventor Tormentor/Mojon Man).

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Awesome map set

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Pedro VC

better than BTSX

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  • File Reviews

    • By Pechudin · Posted
      First two levels are Wolfenstein 3D - tier corridor fests (albeit quirky), not very engaging, but after that the maps become much better. Huge vistas in an underground cavern, silent teleport fu***ry and heaps of small neat details. Very oppresive atmosphere at times.     DooM maps have a langauge of their own. You know what you expect from a DooM map. Monsters, keys triggering traps, there is an assumed flow. I love it when maps subvert these expectations, and while these maps do not go full chaotic (and there is a balance, it cannot be too random, there does need to be a theme), I love how the world seems to be tearing at the seams, and about the only thing you can cling to as familiar to a DooM map is killing Demons.     So yeah, I guess you could say I liked it. Too bad it's so short. Hopefully Shrooms 2 exit the Mordeth hell.
    • By MadGuy · Posted
      When I play WITHOUT this mod all colors feel washed out. It's a really amazing color pallet mod. 
    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      Final Doom that it was meant to be I want the TNTR 2
    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      This is a one of wads that inspired me to map for Doom. 
    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      I feel the taste of 2000s