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Somewhere in Time

   (24 reviews)
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16 Screenshots

About This File

"Somewhere in Time" is a set of 15+1 pure vanilla Doom 2 maps, inspired by the greatest of this category, most importantly Reverie, Revolution! and Scythe.

My primary aim was to create extraordinary maps, reaching the boundaries of gameplay, design - and Chocolate Doom!

Sadly, this was not done perfectly, as I lost motivation after losing some maps, but in the end, I'm satisfied anyway.

Moreover, the significance of this project for me is that it followed through not only my "career" as an improving Doom map designer but a huge portion of my life as well, which full of changes and improvements, so whenever I check out these maps, I can clearly remember, when and why did I do them.

This may not mean so much for you, but in the end, the only thing that matters is that I hope you enjoy this humble (and hopefully unique) set I created - dedicated to the Doom community!

The name comes from the legendary 1986 album of Iron Maiden; I thought it's fitting because of the varying themes of the WAD, and the time difference between the creation of the maps!

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Denim Destroyer


Short and nice with an awesome selection of music.

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Nice, short maps but plenty of action throughout the set.

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Well done classic WAD. Not very long but lots of fun. Good job, through and through.

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Very good classic feeling - I like.

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Pretty good, I enjoyed it.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Denim Destroyer · Posted
      Double Impact is a replacement for Knee Deep In The Dead that is as fun as it is challenging. The challenge comes from the hordes of demons you will face and unlike some other Doom 1 wads, Double Impact avoids creating difficulty by spamming Barons and Cacodemons. What is holding this set of levels back from being perfect are several minor issues that add up. The levels are not that great looking due to the reliance of stock textures. Combat is hampered by an overabundance of Door combat; that is standing inside a door way and blasting away anything before it can touch you. Finally the most glaring issue is how lackluster that last map is. Simply press the switches while avoiding Cyberdemon rockets and ride the elevator to the exit switch. Overall Double Impact is quite a good set of levels, unfortunately it is held back by a several small problems.  
    • By Meril · Posted
      txt file says that map is unfinished. Have some nice touches, but overall mediocre. Short and easy, with a little switch hunting.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Oldschool (Maybe because it's from 1995). Not bad for it's age, but nothing special.
    • By DRMman · Posted
      It's not bad but decent at best, first off let's look at the map design: its good better then anything i could come up with but the enemy placement on ultra violence straight up outta plutonia and i love it.   Since secrets aren't my thing mainly because i don't need validation from miserable c*nts on the internet but they were fun to find however the lack of custom midi tracks ticks me off because of d_runnin making me want to slice my wrists mainly because i've heard it a thousand f**king times from making maps or playing sh*t maps, so really at worst it's boring.
    • By rdwpa · Posted
      2.5/5   Core combat is a strength. It's brisk and easy, and you'll be using the SSG to double-kill imps, pellet-slap mancubi's bellies, and get a firm grip on boners in your area. Apart from that, I found the experience lacking. Visuals, though okay, suffer from alignment issues. Wandering back to the exit door, far from its requisite key, accounted for a good chunk of my five minutes playing.