Zanko Miron!

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Three medium sized maps based around different DOOM liquids, in classic Doom 2 iwad style. MAP01- WATER: An open-plan brick reservoir. MAP02- SLIME: A tight nukage techbase filled with brutal ambushes and close-quarter fighting. MAP03- BLOOD: A Bloodworks set inside and around a large cavern. The cyberdemon in the center will grab your attention, but it's the Archvile and his horde waiting at the end who will command your respect.

THE STORY SO FAR.... -"Trouble down at the old water plant," your commanding officer says."I can't risk my boys getting their socks wet and you're the only Marine who remembered to bring his shoes.It's up to you."

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· Edited by felgro

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These maps are great old school fun. Even have replay value. M3 might seem to have some hairy, insurmountable encounters - but if you use your head, you can gain some good advantages. Recommended. Note - was vanilla friendly for me in Doomsday.

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A bit chaotic but not too shabby. A bunch of good maps, not exactly something really amazing but still quite fun.

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Forgot to add: only tested in Zdoom compatibility. You may experience bugs with Boom or vanilla.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Glaice · Posted
      Full of action but other than some aesthetic issues (misaligned/pegged(?) textures), it's not terrible.
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      I played this on UV difficulty and it was okay, if a bit repetitive, until the final episode (4 levels). At this point it became seriously frustrating with contrived ambushes at regular intervals involving revenants or archviles (3 or 4 at a time, even 6 on one occasion). "Expert placing" of enemies is all very well, but when done so perfectly and artificially, creating endless crossfire and triangulation situations, it just becomes tedious. In level 29 you are faced with three cyberdemons and a spider mastermind in a cramped inescapable arena, with inadequate ammunition and 30-40 revenants at the perimeter firing homing missiles. In the unlikely event that you survive this, there's an almost impossible 'timed lift'  gimmick to exit the arena. Might have been alright as a 12-15 level game without the stupidly difficult finale.
    • By AsianMammoth · Posted
    • By The ButtShark · Posted
      It ain't bad but there could be less of those dead memes