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Computer Mayhem

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About This File

"Listen up, marine! The eggheads at HQ thought it would be a great idea to give our most advanced AI access to the zombification virus and our new dimensional-tearing teleportation technology. Well, it wasn't.

The computer station is now infested with undead abominations and hellish transmogrifications from God knows where. The place needs to be in top shape for the next inspection, so go there and clean up that mess. We will then send someone to clean up yours."

This is a short level for Ultimate Doom, wich uses the E1M1 slot. The first time I used the most basic Doom settings in Doom Builder. Nothing fancy.

*I tried it in Chocolate Doom, and it works. But there are some visual glitches in some textures. And since very low resolutions make me dizzy, I couldn't try it for more tan 3 minutes. What that means is that it should work in Vanilla Doom.

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Short, but well done level. Visuals are on par with what'd you expect from a classic Doom level. Gameplay involves constant action that isn't too difficult. Level is interesting. Good job.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Spectre01 · Posted
      Impressive visuals and scale for its time. Epic memes are thankfully limited to secret areas. map04/final quarter stretch is extremely cheeseable compared to the rest. Plenty of time spent cleaning up turret enemies. 3/5
    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      So rarely I see cool things...
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Is pretty funny killing hordes of cyberdemons with a toy spoon... Try It!  
    • By kmxexii · Posted
      Do not play this in ZDoom-family ports. An incompatibility with Boom breaks progression in MAP01. There is a cool effect where a tech column barrier blocking the way to the red key basement is "disappeared" by what I believe is a short-lived scrolling floor effect; this should happen after handling the Hell knight teleporter chamber in the northeastern wing that comes off the main yard. I verified the correct behavior in Eternity after banging my head on the wall for at least a half hour if not longer; this is probably the source of the frustration felt in the comment dated 3/27/07 and the anonymous comment where the player knows where the red key is but can't access it.
    • By Bryan T · Posted
      This was fun.  Map19 was the highlight.  Map02 sucked balls.