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Ancient Aliens

   (120 reviews)

27 Screenshots

About This File

Ancient Aliens is a megawad featuring 32 colorful, action-packed maps for Boom compatible ports.

Go on a journey to discover the truth about the enigmatic origins of human civilization...

I'm not saying it was aliens, but... the truth is out there.

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cool architecture & solid level design. tough as nails which is to be expected. solid mapset.

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Dammit - every time Skillsaw and friends make something it's freaking amazing and challenges what I think can be done in the Doom Engine. Plays well, but I love the color palette and scenery most of all. This and Valiant are the two WADs that I show people screenshots of when they go, "People still make stuff for Doom?" And this is the sort of thing that blows them away. Looking forward to the next project!

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Excellent megawad full of unique visuals and great gameplay/map design. Easy 5/5.

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Better than Valiant - Worse than Hitler.

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In most cases, the weaker maps of this WAD can only be described as such not because they are bad, but the majority of this WAD is just absolutely fucking solid. Fantastic visual design, fantastic music, and fun gameplay with an equally fun story that doesn't take itself too seriously. 5/5

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Freaking great! Skillsaw and stewboy partially spilled their soul into this, the MIDIs and the maps.

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  • File Reviews

    • By 4shockblast · Posted
      I believe I am legally obliged to give this WAD 4 stars.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A basic, classic looking map with some cute design in the layout and lighting choices, especially the atmosphere creation due to studied dark areas poorly lightened, but ruined by the near lack of ammo in the map and the almost cruel usage of demon hordes.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      It's a small silly mapset. The maze in E1M3 is garbage, but i hate mazes in FPS with all my heart. Over this, it's a silly funny wad.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      If you like running in circles against a demons horde, been blinded by shitty light usage and enjoy tutti-frutti effect on almost every walls present (really, i think i'll going to dream these texture schemes tonight), this is the map for you. Seeing this map must be a alpha version of another wad quoted in one of the older reviews, kinda throw me away the "Bill Gates anonymously testing the backrooms for Doom" joke, but eh, take it the same. 1 star, even with the decent outdoor area after the red key door. Of course this is a map that caught by the filename... who call a map Windows 7?
    • By Logamuffin · Posted
      Thought it was cool... for like the first 30 minutes. After that it started to drag really hard. I didn't even finish the level, though I got 5 of the keys before I got stuck.