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Marc A. Pullen

About This File

Original music by Marc A. Pullen ( Album Title Doomed Released 2016-08-04 (Aug 4)

Where can I get the highest quality tracks from?

The OGG versions in this WAD can be reused/extracted/remixed for whatever you want, free of charge. Just mention my name in your credits, that's all!

The OGG versions are slightly lower quality, so please grab the highest quality WAVs from my SoundCloud url above if you want to redistribute these.

I don't mind if you want to redistribute the music, just grab the best sounding ones please.

You can also direct people to using this WAD for music in your project.

The LUMP names for the album are:

[LUMP] - [SONG TITLE] ------------------------------------------------------ 0A - Intro (meant for the DOOM title screen music) 0B - Inter (meant for the DOOM inter map music) 01 - Into The Pit 02 - Wading Through 03 - Within Reach 04 - One Way Out 05 - Ambushed 06 - Falling 07 - Last Chance 08 - The Chase 09 - Last Man Standing 10 - Secure The Perimiter 11 - Out Of Time 12 - Too Late 13 - Another Way 14 - They Have Arrived 15 - The Sacrifice

If you want highest quality, download the raw WAV files off my SoundCloud page (link above).

The mapping below should cover most IWADs:

DOOM DOOM 2 and HacX (they use the same LUMP names) HeXen Heretic


New from scratch

Build Time

3 months

Editors Used

Slade, Record Producer, Audacity

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  • 4
That's... an unusual way of releasing musical stuff, and I personally don't really think these tunes would fit the IWADs (and Heretic & Hexen - even less so), especially given the seamless trasition from one track to another and pretty much the same mood and tempo throughout, but nevertheless the mere fact of a new Fanatic's album appearing after 8 (!) years of silence is worth admiring. Here's hoping that the next one won't take this long!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Agent6 · Posted
      Alright, so, what can I say about Memento Mori 2 after finishing it and the first one?   Well, first of all, the levels are more beautiful, visually it aged noticeably better than the original and uses more custom textures, some already seen in the original. The music is on par with the original.   The levels themselves are overall better designed for the most part, but here is where the problems make themselves known. MM2 is clearly designed more for co-op than single player. This starts getting very noticeable after MAP24. Whereas the original had a few maps that dragged on, particularly at the beginning of the wad, this one drags on extremely bad after MAP24. Not just that the maps are starting to become huge and with hundreds of enemies and very annoying traps, it also starts becoming more confusing and tiring, MAP27 being the worst offender. The main tower in MAP28, or rather the overall level, is unfun as well, doing a poor job at keeping you entertained for the most part, save for a few areas where you also get an Invulnerability, but not on the edge of your nerves like MAP27 does. Eh, the traps don't go crazy at least.   Post MAP24 levels simply become tiresome and no longer bring much pleasure. The war of attrition also gets real in some maps, MAP27 still being the best example, giving you lots of rockets and some health to recover from the orgy, if you manage to find the secrets, but not much else. Without locating the secrets it can be extremely infuriating and especially difficult to finish, hence me actually forcing myself to finish the wad, it was very tempting to just can the whole thing after reaching MAP24 because it ceases to be fun at that point, turning instead in a struggle for survival. Like I said, MM2 makes it very clear that it's more co-op/multiplayer oriented and not very suitable for solo, or not on UV anyway.   Unlike the first MM, I managed to locate both secret exits and I must say that for secret levels, they're pretty easy, which is very surprising. I can't compare them to the ones from the original MM because I failed to locate any of them there.   I also don't have any favorite maps to my surprise, I like most of them, and even the maps that drag on like hell are not bad themselves, just not suitable for playing solo, but can't exactly pick any, whereas City of the Unavenged from the original was easily my favorite, here? I'm not sure...   Either way, all things considered, it's a solid wad and a great sequel to the original. Worse? No, but then why the lower rating? Well, simply for not providing a solid experience in SP towards the end, so if you want to play it solo like I did, it doesn't really work anymore when you're about to finish it. It drags on and the difficulty also spikes nastily.
    • By Nems · Posted
      Sometimes, after playing through a level set that stomps your balls in, you want to relax with something a little more laid back. This is that megawad. Highly recommended. <3
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      This is okay for a 1995 Doom 2 mapset. The action and the environments vary between humdrum and pretty engaging. It's not particularly difficult, even on UV, if played in continuous (weapon carryover) format, as it was apparently designed to be.   Nonetheless it could have been a tougher challenge but for an over-provision of health and armour at certain points (a recurring element in wads of this era), and also some bizarre game mechanics - for instance a Spider Mastermind decided to walk under a crushing ceiling in level 3, just when it had me in a bit of trouble. Then a Cyberdemon, which was occupying a threatening position at the beginning of level 5, suddenly disappeared and its remains later turned up in another part of the map: I can only assume it was telefragged or something.   Still, this is a great improvement on this author's earlier ASDOOM.WAD for Doom 1, that's for sure.
    • By Nems · Posted
      This was a fun mapset though it gets more challenging later on. Map 08 in particular is a mad scramble to the top while the IoS rains spawned Hell down on you. I wasn't a fan of the monster sprite changes but they were thankfully just visual changes, not behavior changes.   The bonus map can get fucked though. Hate that last room encounter. Contending with two arch-viles, a wall of revenants, a mass of cacos AND pain elementals, AND two cyberdemons while trying to move around and dodge all of that was impossible and bullshit for me.   Thankfully the bonus map is just that - a bonus. I would have dreaded encountering this in the normal roster. I'll definitely come back and play through this in the future.
    • By Catpho · Posted
      Whats with all the low scores? Anyway,this is a map with plenty of good and interesting visuals,while slightly similar to other cool wads such as swim with the whales,plasmaplant but there is still a unique-ness of its own ,and its gameplay fit for anyone who likes difficult maps. If you dont like slaughter tho,stay away.