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About This File

Original music by Marc A. Pullen (marcpullen@comcast.net) Album Title Doomed Released 2016-08-04 (Aug 4)

Where can I get the highest quality tracks from?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJjPllsAjrs https://soundcloud.com/marcpullen/sets/marc-a-pullen-doomed

The OGG versions in this WAD can be reused/extracted/remixed for whatever you want, free of charge. Just mention my name in your credits, that's all!

The OGG versions are slightly lower quality, so please grab the highest quality WAVs from my SoundCloud url above if you want to redistribute these.

I don't mind if you want to redistribute the music, just grab the best sounding ones please.

You can also direct people to using this WAD for music in your project.

The LUMP names for the album are:

[LUMP] - [SONG TITLE] ------------------------------------------------------ 0A - Intro (meant for the DOOM title screen music) 0B - Inter (meant for the DOOM inter map music) 01 - Into The Pit 02 - Wading Through 03 - Within Reach 04 - One Way Out 05 - Ambushed 06 - Falling 07 - Last Chance 08 - The Chase 09 - Last Man Standing 10 - Secure The Perimiter 11 - Out Of Time 12 - Too Late 13 - Another Way 14 - They Have Arrived 15 - The Sacrifice

If you want highest quality, download the raw WAV files off my SoundCloud page (link above).

The mapping below should cover most IWADs:

DOOM DOOM 2 and HacX (they use the same LUMP names) HeXen Heretic

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That's... an unusual way of releasing musical stuff, and I personally don't really think these tunes would fit the IWADs (and Heretic & Hexen - even less so), especially given the seamless trasition from one track to another and pretty much the same mood and tempo throughout, but nevertheless the mere fact of a new Fanatic's album appearing after 8 (!) years of silence is worth admiring. Here's hoping that the next one won't take this long!

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      Datacore is one of those mappers you can rely on to create a short, decently playing, all-in-all fun map. the map like all his other work never overstays its welcome, and provides a thematic consistency that you can clearly see in the color scheme. if you like blue, this is a nice, fun quickie. when you want to take a break from hardcore slaughtering or anything else for something short, simple, to the point, and to the focal point, this is the wad to do so.
    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      May not be the prettiest level but it is pretty fun to play. The level is hard on higher difficulties but is fair the whole way through.
    • By DeadAstronaut · Posted
      For players who enjoyed the original Doom, this wad set would appeal to them more than anything. The design is dedicated around the original game and in the styles of John Romero and Sandy Petersen. If there is one thing this wad truly does accomplish more so than anything, it is that the maps could pass for official id releases. For players who are new to trying custom wads, this is a decent one to begin with.    There are a number of maps that truly feel like you're playing a sequel to the original Doom. E1 follows the tech base style of Romero's level design from the original game with faithful renditions. The maps are mixed up, so they don't come off as copies to the original game's levels. Reactor Core feels like a legitimate sequel to Computer Station from the original game. Each level contains tons of secrets that are well hidden and some have hidden keys leading to doors, much like the original E1 had. The boss map with the barons is a faithful rendition that turns up the challenge a bit for expert players of the original game.    I personally found E2 to be more interesting than the Romero style maps. The textures offer a blend of tech base and the hellish look but it's more fluid in this wad as the levels progress. As the player progresses, the levels begin to look more and more hell-like leading up to the boss map with the cyberdemon The intermission screen fades into darkness the closer you get to the last level. The E2 levels do not so much feel like sequels and faithful renditions of E2 from the original game, but more in a way of carrying that torch to design levels that are similar. There's a couple moments where the influence can be felt back to the original game, but not every level will remind the player of a specific level. The cyberdemon fight itself is made more challenging with the use of teleporters. E2's secret level is the best in this wad offering fast paced combat.    E3 is where things begin to really change compared to the original game. The hell levels have a lot more going on to them and overall, feel much bigger than that of the original game. Chapel of Scorn is the one map in the whole game that sums up Sandy Petersen's level design style more than anything. It has an outside area resembling Sough Of Despair while the inside is similar to Unholy Cathedral (and contains a new secret puzzle that is something he would've done in the original game). Towards the end, Depths could be considered a weak level compared to the original game's level in it's slot (Mt. Erebus) but by this point, that's more of a nitpick than a criticism (my only real complaint is that the Mt. Erebus style level is a secret and not in the level order). The textures for E3 have never looked better than what you get here in this wad. Unlike the original game, the Spidermastermind boss fight is a legitimate challenge here since you can't just run up and BFG blast her. The boss stage involves crushing ceilings and a moving platform making for what feels like a grand boss battle.    Overall, I would rank this map set a 5 out of 5. The love is felt back to the original game as the team involved for this wad pay tribute to id's style of level making. For Doom players first venturing away from official levels and trying community projects for the first time, this is most definitely a good place to begin with custom wads.     
    • By Liberation · Posted
      Lovely looking level with some great features. The weather alone is awesome! Very playable, no cheap traps or anything like that, just solid gameplay. Also had the noise from the "Shadows" from Babylon 5 coming from the strange skull trees. Solid all-rounder.
    • By Voltcom9 · Posted
      This was an experience similar to the end of the movie 2001... It throws all conventional Dooming etiquette out the airlock and into the vacuum of space. Once I started playing this I simply had to keep playing, just to see how ridiculously stupid things could get.  As a jokewad I'd say it does it's job pretty well. It's worth a download if you want a laugh.