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Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project v1.9

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About This File

A comprehensive collection of minor sprite fixes for Doom 2 comprised of restored missing monster angle rotations, art corrections, and adjusted sprite offsets. Also includes a separate Doom 1/ Ultimate Doom-compatible version and optional minor DeHackEd patch fixes. These files are compatible with any custom Doom 2 or 1 add-ons, including demo compatibility, as long as you load the following WAD or DEH files with the lowest priority.

D2SPFX18.WAD - Doom 2 sprite fixes D1SPFX18.WAD - Doom 1-compatible sprite fixes D2DEHFIX.DEH - doom2.exe v1.9 DeHackEd fixes D1DEHFIX.DEH - doom.exe v1.9 DeHackEd fixes

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:D gret wad

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It could pass as an official update if id Software still maintained their Doom IWADs today. This compilation of graphical corrections is clearly made with an interest to improve upon the vanilla experience rather than guessing or assuming "what would have been". The cherry on top is even with the DEHACKED patch it still retains demo compatibility with the original four demos of The Ultimate Doom and most likely more demos in source ports that support demos.

"Hey, not too rough" with a proper comma that isn't cut off along with the number 5 in the status bar having a proper outline (leftmost, ammo count)New former sergeant rotation in action

The fixes are heavily based on sprite offsets which is why it's so difficult to get a good screenshot of the mod in action. The new sprite offsets are definitely noticeable during play as the enemies appear to move smoother and more naturally. For example, viewing the chaingunner firing from the side won't result in him shifting back every time a bullet comes out. If that fix isn't subtle enough, then the addition of the unused rotations for both monsters and the player is obvious along with some user interface fixes such as fixing the comma that was cut off for "Hey, not too rough" difficulty and giving the number 5 for the status bar a proper outline. It's a definite must have!


Note: The screenshots were taken in Chocolate Doom.

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A much needed fix to some of id's original sprite and graphics work.

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Despite heated debate an interesting entry in the world of Doom "mods". Props for the hard work.

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Excellent. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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Jaxxoon R

A fine thing to have on autoload. Now my chaingunners do not shift about as they fire.

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I like this.

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In development for some time now, the sprite fixup project provides subtle fixups to minor bugs in Doom's sprites and their animation, and also adding the long-missing full zombie rotations, all with an obsessively careful eye for detail and in a way that carefully respects the original game and gameplay.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Nice mini episode, reminds me of some sort of amateurish Plutonia Experiment sometimes. Pretty enjoyable!
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      A very decent challenge. Took me about half a dozen attempts to crack it on UV. The wad is from 2015, but could just as well have been from around 1997. Solid, traditional classic Dooming.
    • By riderr3 · Posted
      The visual level design here is mostly similar to Plutonia and its unofficial sequels PL2 and PRCP. But it is by no means a gameplay part, since for example the gameplay in the first maps revolves around ammo shortage with not so much opposition (although it was tight in places, I admit), while the latter maps are somewhat reminiscent of slaughterwads with a bunch of ammunition and opponents.   The same applies to the size of the maps - the first ones can be completed in 6-7 minutes, while the last ones takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Although this could be explained by a kind of progress, despite the fact that even MAP12 (the first map in wad) is not a walk in the park.   I am not opposed to forced pistol-start (maybe even for), but usually if the levels should be completed in this way, they should be better balanced, as the ability to store things from previous levels is discarded.
      And again, I repeat as previous speakers - perhaps some arch-viles were even superfluous. This is especially noticeable when you go through the same room several times.
    • By Spectre01 · Posted
      Mostly enjoyable set in vein of "Plutonia but harder" and with larger fights. Visuals are often minimalistic, with combat being the focus of making the maps interesting. Expect plenty of Viles to resurrect what you kill and forced pistol starts on every map. 3/5
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Pretty nice map, some parts are been a little rushed out like the columns texture alignment, but overall the structure and the layout is pretty cool!