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Back to Thunder Road

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About This File

After a career running and gunning, it's time to lie down by the beach and sip some pina coladas. But! Yo ho ho, things get hairy once again and aliens land right on top of your humble home by the sea. Time to hit the road. The THUNDER ROAD.

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Thunder, feel the thunder, lightning and the thunder


this is a very fun quick set, has good layouts, where you can always backtrack to what you may have missed before, and the combat is steady paced and works well for what it has. it may be linear, but it works well.

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Loved this whole set - I can relate to a lot of the ideas present in this wad. The interesting layouts and encounters were ringing all the right bells for me; not to sound arrogant but it almost felt like I was playing something I made from the future. My only complaint is that it came and went too fast - wish it had more maps but I found it to be a very solid experience for something of a mini-episode. It could be seen as a plus though since I guess it'd be easier to revisit something that isn't as long as most other mapsets that go up to 11 or beyond. Also great use of Sega Genesis/Megadrive music on the maps - really hope this author puts out more maps one day.

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Awesome stuff. I am a huge fan of the design style: a little rough around the edges but therefore generally unconstrained by any obsessive "neatness." A really nice variety in map layouts, I think, and some great gameplay sequences as a result. On top of all this... the music is kickass. Would love to play more maps from ZaBigBoss :D Great work dude, this has definitely become one of my favorite sets!

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Small and funny maps. I liked

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Rough architecture with somewhat decent gameplay. The final map (MAP06) leaves a bad aftertaste as you're chased by an army of cacodemons while running into more and more monsters blocking your way forward. Poor music. 3* for maps MAP01-MAP05, 2* overall.

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Fun, fun, fun till daddy takes the t-bird away

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This was way more fun that I thought it was going to be. Very good use of stock textures! Dunno why it requires the geezy, but not gonna let my irrational hatred for a source port get in the way of a good time. Highly recommended. Badass Genesis music, too.

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Its got pizazz. 5/5 skeletons with sunglasses

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