Mephitic Purity

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Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

About This File

Moar brown than Quake with a hint of sewage. Initially began as a map for Community Chest 3, which was originally proposed as a ZDoom-based project, but then it was decided that it would revert to Boom-Compatible, so the map couldn't be included (and, chances are, would never have been finished in time anyway).


Playtesting / Bugfixing Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen, James "DoomGoat" Denny, Michael "Mikkacev" Stevenson, TheMisterCat, Quineotio


New from scratch

Build Time

Started in 2005, so 11 years

Editors Used

WadAuthor during the early phase, Doom Builder 2 for the rest, Wintex and XWE


Some minor slime trails. Exit and teleporter won't work if monsters are disabled.

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  • 5

I discovered this map randomly, not knowing what to expect... So as author stated, map uses various shades of brown. Details are well made, they don't distract player or block him. Gameplay progression flows well, just only negative thing is running out of ammo in some places. Some scripts made this wad more enjoyable. I recommend to try this map and check for yourself. 

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  • 5
Fun level with nice detail, clear progression, balanced difficulty and slightly low amount of ammo.

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