Mephitic Purity

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Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

About This File

Moar brown than Quake with a hint of sewage. Initially began as a map for Community Chest 3, which was originally proposed as a ZDoom-based project, but then it was decided that it would revert to Boom-Compatible, so the map couldn't be included (and, chances are, would never have been finished in time anyway).


Playtesting / Bugfixing Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen, James "DoomGoat" Denny, Michael "Mikkacev" Stevenson, TheMisterCat, Quineotio


New from scratch

Build Time

Started in 2005, so 11 years

Editors Used

WadAuthor during the early phase, Doom Builder 2 for the rest, Wintex and XWE


Some minor slime trails. Exit and teleporter won't work if monsters are disabled.

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· Edited by Alfonzo

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The project for which this level was initially slated, Community Chest 3, was founded in what is now considered to be "The Dark Era" of Doom level design; a period that gave rise to all sorts of tricks and trends in detailing and which was borne largely off the back of hot new editing powers. This is the same period that also considered ZDoom to be a cutting-edge port for map-making before it was a flagship for gameplay mods and other mutations. A very strange time, indeed.


In some ways, the then-celebrated archetype appears more dated today than a lot of the works from the mid-to-late nineties, just as video games sporting early 3D modelling embarrass us with their hard-edged polygons for facial expressions. Yet, if it can fail to do nothing but bring up bad memories and the customary pangs of nostalgia (part of it for forum drama, probably), it's worth remembering that there were a lot of lessons learned from that time and a great many figures who earned their stripes, as well. DooMAD is one such figure, and his Mephitic Purity sports most of the best of what's true of that period of level design, even if the eleven years between drinks might have allowed for a bit of.... correction, in hindsight.


From the very first room it feels like a Simplicity tribute. It's just missing the snarky blurb beneath the title and the washed-out blues to boot (there's lots of brown, though!). After a bumpy and tepid couple of opening rooms you step into a winding aqueduct/tunnel that's braced with cool architecture, and the first segment of what turns out to be a pretty interesting layout. It's attractive in that austere and streamlined sort of way, if a little flat and awkward to fight in; a lot of repeated, chunky details along otherwise straight surfaces; a very minimalist application of textures. This facet only strengthens as the map unravels, hitting its absolute peak around the middle after the player bears witness to some neat scripting and layout transformation effects, and gradually an impression of how well-realized and put-together everything is begins to emerge. Even the mostly decorative monster usage that at first had seemed like it could be the level's undoing appears satisfactorily part of the equation, now. Although, still, it does feel a little systematic...


Purity is a charming caper that captures the better parts of the era that inspired it; or, at least, enough of it to form a picture that can block out the bad reminders in tow. The painstaking work that has obviously gone into its creation is on display in the form of cool-looking details and a coherent vision for overall design. Clean fun. Very brown.


Bullet-points of Interest

  • It's the noughties!
  • Has a very strong identity. Coherent and satisfying.
  • Clean and highly stylized visuals, even if the height variation is lacking.
  • Tasteful use of ZDoom features, slopes in hallways notwithstanding.
  • Combat is a little too simple and dragging, at times.
  • A resourceful agent for the country strikes again!
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seems pretty nice, has plenty of badass combat moments in many places plus ZDoom features are used rather well. too bad I couldn't kill everything due to some monsters being deaf in teleport closets and/or stuff not working properly. final fight was really annoying too.

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Fun level with nice detail, clear progression, balanced difficulty and slightly low amount of ammo.

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I discovered this map randomly, not knowing what to expect... So as author stated, map uses various shades of brown. Details are well made, they don't distract player or block him. Gameplay progression flows well, just only negative thing is running out of ammo in some places. Some scripts made this wad more enjoyable. I recommend to try this map and check for yourself. 

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  • File Reviews

    • By Gallic00 · Posted
      One of the best mapsets I played this year.  Difficulty was challenging without frustrating.  Music gave the perfect environmental ambiance for each map.  My only quibble was the last stretch of the last map where I had no more ammo.
    • By Anidrex_1009 · Posted
      There is no presentation for this mythic wad, it is something that belongs to the history of Doom and the community, one of the first and most brilliant works done by fans, a megawad that surpasses any expectations and that innovates with so much fun and genius. My first megawad in my life, the first one completed, I was just hooked and enjoyed every single map, without a doubt, something epic and fantastic to play that I am grateful to have known.
    • By cannonball · Posted
      An interesting wad with each map taking on a specific theme for the most part. The visuals are generally good with some real epic moments littered across the wad, that start warehouse room and some of the later maps are good examples. The gameplay is pretty forgiving for the most part but there are some moments which will bring some moments of panic. Some ofthe fights are a little hit and miss at times with some which can be neutralised fairly easily. Overall a really pleasant surprise and a great effort, especially as the author is still in the process of honing their own style. I really look forward to future releases from Forli.
    • By GuyNamedErick · Posted
      I remember playing this months back and it's still a fantastic level to me, an easy Cacoward contender if you ask me! It's nice to see a creative level with a small but nice joke that works out in the end. There's also a surprise at the end that wraps up the level very nicely. The level is open and challenging enough to keep things interesting, especially some of the secrets if you can find them. Great level and worth playing!
    • By Glaice · Posted
      Great design overall but for the end, I don't get why (which is a nitpick) it doesn't immediately go to the end episode 2 text but goes to the intermissions screen followed by the graphic seen after you pass the end text. Played with GZDoom 3.2.1.