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Alpha Accident: Terra Nova

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About This File

I always wanted to make something classic but with a new content. This wad has not only new maps, textures and music but also new things. Also there are new monsters (boss included), and a new (barely) map hazard - voltage... Maps in this episode are quite large and more of an andventure sort than anything else, but there's enough monsters to shoot at.

I hope this will not end being a cliffhanger, because there are lot of things saved for later episodes which I'd like to implement.

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Fantastic Doom 1 wad, one of the best.

What's in store is a 9 episode tribute to OG Doom, that has pretty much the same feel, but is much more challenging, especially in the first and maybe second maps, where you are starving for ammo. You get to the shotgun after lots of time, which makes it extra rewarding, and the mapset is EXTREMELY non-linear, making you feel like a mouse trying to brave a maze full of cats.


Why minus one star? Well, Wraith777 has placed E1 in a blender (and added lots of fitting textures), with the result being beautiful... but it feels as if each and every map looks and plays the same. There's little variation in themes and concepts, something that many Doom 1 "tribute" wads suffer from. Just a nitpick, probably because this is a definite recommendation.

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· Edited by galileo31dos01


Done with these settings:


- Crispy Doom 4.2

- Hurt Me Plenty.

- Continuous combined with a pistol start mindset.

- Saves every 10 minutes or so.


An impressive wad over here. It's a long episode consisting of huge, absolutely non-linear maps. The texturing is not just alpha Doom but also a whole new bunch of amazing editions to add more character to the wad. Honestly, with these textures and detailing the visuals are top-notch, since the layouts are very complex and cramped it's more enjoyable to explore and it never feels repetitive (the music is great too). In addition, the author added a set of stuff to interact in similar ways you would treat monsters: the explosive pillar to block the way, hard to distinguish from the regular pillar at first glance, just shoot at one if you see a hole behind it (don't be like me and punch one...); non-toxic barrels, these ones are abundant, generally an obstacle and they are actually funny to punch; destructive boxes that may or may not contain goodies; another sort of pillar, it has an energy cell pack for decoration, and it's susceptible to splash damage; and last but not least, electric grey floors, actually they are just highly damaging and there's usually a "Voltage" sign on a wall, plus you can turn electricity off. Incidentally many of these objects interact together in secrets, such as a hidden box blocked by a destructive pillar, so be aware of them.


The combat element is mostly incidental, including several ambush set-ups and claustrophobic traps. Casually, you'll rarely find packs of the same type of monster, as they are generally mixed tropes of zombies, imps, pinkies and cacodemons. There are a couple of new enemies from the hitscan class, a brain-bot and a static gun, the first one is particularly dangerous given it's flying ability, I found myself dead a few times as they are small and fast too. The second one should probably have less health imo, as it doesn't portray a significant threat aside from specific mixed ambushes. Neither of them have an excellent autoaim though, still watch out, their roaming sound is very loud and can be heard from miles away, seriously. There is another enemy that serves as a boss, but I'm not spoiling it, just going to say cool!... It takes some time to find any weapons, yep the maps can be heavily pistol oriented meanwhile, luckily this weapon was upgraded (sped up) and it's not boring to use it for a few minutes, not that there are so many barons around, because they are pretty scarce in general. The chaingun has now a bit of recoil, making the tap-tap usage less simple, well I tend to snipe with the shotgun too but that's just me. The bullets stock was expanded to a limit of 450, which is good since you'll be spamming bullets aplenty, and there's a new bonus item that counts as 4 bonus armors. Yeah, I support these additions. About progression, like I said the maps are massive and non-linear, you'll frequently find yourself opening new areas that lead to other areas that also lead to another area that is connected with a previous section where a new portion has been opened, and so on, that's my sum up of the maps lol. An advice would be to always use the automap as a guide, as it can be easy to get lost or not be sure what a switch did. In my experience it was the positive kind of "lost", because the maps are so complex that I always felt the need to keep exploring for more stuff. Eventually, you'll find the exit and realize you spent an hour in the map, that is also thanks to the high amount of secrets that will remind you you're playing a 90's oriented Doom 1 wad. Talking about secrets, they cover no less than 1/4 of each map, generally above 7 per level, and they are not so easy to find. However, if you're a bit like me, you'll stay to find them all legally, plus it feels more satisfactory, I felt like playing Doom 1 again, so there's a high nostalgic factor here.


I don't have favourite maps because I really liked them all in the same way. I am going to point out one thing about map 07, there's a part where you have to step on a bloody pool with health bonuses to trigger a trap, the entrance will slowly close, but it is possible to leave before that wall closes entirely, which will trap yourself in the dark corridor. Of course I found it out by accident. 


Overall, totally recommended to die-hard fans of Doom 1 mapsets. Just use a limit-removing compatible port, like Crispy Doom, and immerse yourself into the complexity these maps are, take your time. I hope the author find some time to deliver the complete megawad, because I'd play more sets like this. My rate is 10/10. 

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Excellent mapset with a nice 90s design, fitting music that adds atmosphere, and tons of monster action to keep you focused.
Each level got better and better and I was sad when it ended!
Recommended for those that like nuts-and-bolts doom with some eternal doom touches too.

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Summer Deep

A good challenge with huge levels and plenty of opposition, a good slogfest though it never becomes slaughterish. Last three levels particularly impressive, though I thought the route to the blue key in map 6 was a little too well concealed for it to be entirely fair.

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Do start at e1m7 and then when finished start at the first map and it will all make sense. Thank you for the reviewer making that suggestion. I liked this wad a lot Wraith777. :)

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large and adventurous. it keeps the fun factor throughout.

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Extremely huge, non-linear, complex, complicated, confusing and good. Sometimes suffers from "what did this switch do?" syndrome. Recommended playing with Doom 2's SSG.

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what quickly became one of my most favorite mapsets for the ultimate doom. enormous, complex layouts, tons of action, and new things like crates containing items and robot sentries, both static and mobile. an adventure you might never forget... or finish, if you're easily confused or frustrated by level geometry. i highly recommend it.

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I played through the entire wad. I may be one of the best vanilla Doom mods ever.

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Awesome wad!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Lol 6 · Posted
      Neither bad nor amazing. Giving it 4 stars because I actually enjoyed it
    • By Endless · Posted
      Cute, awesome and quite solid! Little map with a lot to pack. Would love to see a megawad or episode mapset in this style
    • By Denim Destroyer · Posted
      Picture this: you are playing a community project megawad and are still within the first ten levels. Some of the levels you have already played are fun but then you arrive here. Nothing bad or good and is over before you know it. The perfect level between two good levels in a megawad.
      Vanillic Acid is not part of a megawad or even a level set but exhibits all of the characteristics of a filler level. It has all the base characteristics of a Doom level and fails to do anything interesting with it. This level isn't bad but in the ocean of idgames why bother taking the time to play this one?
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Awesome midis. Some maps appear to be filler? I don't dislike them. I like to take breaths. My absolute favorite is Procustes Chambers (24). Replayed and re-enjoyed again. Great music!
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      Very worthwhile map, starts out pretty tough, then becomes more manageable, but always challenging enough. Plenty of chaingunners, Barons, Revenants etc, but the big two are absent. All it really needs is a bit more of a 'big bang' ending.