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The Ascent

   (7 reviews)
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About This File

My best PWAD yet. Textures are matched (mostly) and the bugs are next to minimal.

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Summer Deep


Yes, this is definitely well above average for a mid 90s map. Played on UV, got 100% kills with 83 plasma cells left over at the end, but everything else used up. Making use of infighting (especially where the Cyberdemon is concerned) is essential, and it helps to use the chainsaw a fair bit as well. Thoroughly checking out the opening room before you leave it is strongly recommended, as is keeping an eye open for the plasma gun - it's possible to miss it if in too much of a hurry, and it's very useful in the closing stages of the map.


That switch puzzle relating to the red key annoyed me, and it was strange that earlier in the game a door couldn't be opened without it, then later it could.....

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Very good map! Well design, nice looking. Ammo is very low, but doable. I didn't manage to get 100% kills, becouse I ran out of ammo, but luckly I get to exit in one piece. It's fun even now after 23years! In other hand it's not best wad from 95. 4.5/5*

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Unknown date

not enough bullets..Can you play with no cheat?

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Unknown date

Very nice. Well layed out map. UV is what I had expected. Very nice job.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Liberation · Posted
      Lovely looking level with some great features. The weather alone is awesome! Very playable, no cheap traps or anything like that, just solid gameplay. Also had the noise from the "Shadows" from Babylon 5 coming from the strange skull trees. Solid all-rounder.
    • By Voltcom9 · Posted
      This was an experience similar to the end of the movie 2001... It throws all conventional Dooming etiquette out the airlock and into the vacuum of space. Once I started playing this I simply had to keep playing, just to see how ridiculously stupid things could get.  As a jokewad I'd say it does it's job pretty well. It's worth a download if you want a laugh. 
    • By Xyzzy01 · Posted
      Totally not biased giving this review or anything... :D
    • By Scotty · Posted
      A set of compact, sub-100 monster maps that create challenge through a combination of devious enemy placement and instances of highly unforgiving architecture - in some respects, this is reminiscent of a highly compressed version of Sunder.
    • By dylux · Posted
      Did I miss something here from the players that gave this wad a 4 (and above) rating? The maps were too short, too linear, very bland and very easy. The music was horrible on most maps. With the exception of the elevators, I absolutely hated the new sounds. Finally, the soldier face was a bit much.   I did the first 6 maps in roughly 30 mins. - and that included looking for the secrets (which slapped you in the face at most times). I got to Map 14 before I just gave it up out of sheer boredom. I just couldn't see it getting better.   Sorry, IMHO, the play for Operation: BIOWAR just wasn't fun for me, even on UV.