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About This File

A dungeon map with a strange layout. Skill 3 & 4 are linear while skill 2 (marked especially so you can immediately see there's an alternate game mode) is a mad dash for supplies. Some monster behaviour has been changed!

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it's a good thing that i'm not a little kid anymore because i probably would've actually shit my pants.

to bad 5 stars is the most stars that you can give

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this is weirder than shit and is really hard (or i just really suck) considering the author says they're bad at doom, this map wanted to rip my fuckin tonsils out like godDAMN. still really liked it tho, it's very wacky and is right up my alley.




also, the christmas vines are cool

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Altered monsters provide some freshness as you need to change your strategy a bit. The map is good on its own too.

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I am extremely confused in a good way after playing this.

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Nicely done :)

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5/5 but only for people with good tastes :^)

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  • File Reviews

    • By BoxY · Posted
      Horribly glitchy and impossible to see or do anything in the game. Literally every single texture is glitched out, only thing that works normally is the shooting sounds. 5/5
    • By Shaii · Posted
      I wanted to try this mod because everyone said it was really good and it won an award, but it must have been corrupted during the upload because it is literally unplayable. Horribly glitchy and impossible to see or do anything in the game. Literally every single texture is glitched out, only thing that works normally is the shooting sounds. Are people rating this 5 and calling it art as a joke or something? If so, I don't get it. :/
    • By Kuma · Posted
      Everyone has a doom game they remember with wistful nostalgia as their first wad. For most, it's Doom II, Doom 1, or for some, Final Doom.

      JPCP is mine, and five years after first finding it I've published my own wad and am working on two more.   Thank you.
    • By finnaboing · Posted
      Okay, so like, I get why this one was on the Most Memorable Maps list. I understand. It's a distinct map for sure. But, like... I dunno, it doesn't feel that memorable to me. Is it really the 85th most memorable Doom map ever? I know I've bitched about this before, but in what world is this map more memorable than 96% of Going Down?   The map itself is pretty alright. It's quite a long one, so iori absolutely deserves props for keeping my attention for its entire runtime. The visuals are astonishing for 2006 and have aged surprisingly well. My main gripe is that the actual gameplay of "Songs of the Damned" just sorta... exists? It's not bad (mostly), but the level's so nonlinear that none of the fights even really feel like "fights," it's more "inconvenient happenstances that tend to bleed together." That usually isn't an issue for me (the fights in "Warp of Time" also just kinda exist), but this isn't the kind of map where aesthetics can completely carry it. All of the fights feel like such afterthoughts that I'm constantly wondering whether I'm actually doing something right, if I skipped a key, or if there was a secret earlier in the level that makes this one section way faster.   The encounter in the graveyard feels especially sloppy. iori just kinda slapped a bunch of monsters in there at random in this map where ammo isn't exactly plentiful WELL before you can get a Super Shotgun (making the whole encounter really tedious if you're trying to save ammo (which you should be)) and then had the GALL to make me solve a really confusing puzzle that instantly kills you if you get it wrong. Seriously? Why?   Like always, no shade to the actual writers of the Memorable Maps list, but I struggle to think of reasons that "Songs of the Damned" earns its spot on the list outside of historical significance. I do still think it's worth playing to some extent, but with the caveat that (at least in my opinion) it's better as a history lesson.   OVERALL RATING: 6/10