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The Journey ver. 1.1

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About This File

A new 32-map megawad for DOOM II, focusing on short to medium length levels, played in a series or from pistol start, in single player or cooperative.

THE JOURNEY takes you across a variety of locales, challenging you along the way with insidious traps and vicious monsters. The levels are easy to understand, but don't underestimate them because of the lack of massive hordes! Close quarters and strategical monster and item placement will test your skills. The average time to complete a given level is about 8 minutes, and all are designed with pistol start compatibility in mind. You aren't just handed all the weapons and supplies right away -- you'll have to explore and fight smart to upgrade your arsenal and make it out alive. If you don't want to worry about ammo that much, playing the levels in a series is a good idea. Skill levels are also implemented -- the changes don't work to neuter the identity of the encounters, but to allow the player to be just a bit more reckless.

For more fun, take on the journey with friends or strangers in co-op mode. Or, use the levels as DeathMatch arenas. Map 01 especially is designed with DeathMatch in mind. For more info, check out the included TJMAPS.txt - it contains things such as music list, additional fluff for each level, usage tips for the new graphics, and more. For info on what was changed in version 1.1, see the included TJPATCH.txt.

Quick Start Load TJ.wad into your favorite limit removing port, running the latest version of DOOM II. The entire WAD has been tested on many different ports, but for best overall experience I recommend ZDOOM, running under software mode. The included DEHACKED file changes automap names and story screens, and includes modified frame data for a special effect used in a couple of maps. If the integrated .deh file doesn't work, load the included TJ.deh with the wad.

Recommended Rules: vertical autoaim, no up/down looking, no jumping, no crouching. Levels are designed to mitigate the annoyance of "infinitely tall actors" but I recommend turning that off.

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This levelset more or less incorporates all the best features I am usually looking for in a megawad: balance, reasonable level size, curious and detailed architecture that does not feel overdone. One of the very best in my book! (played with my own rslfuria.zip, Operative class)

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Pretty darn good.

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A bunch of short maps - each map apart from the last 2 has around 100 monsters and can be beaten in 10 minutes. The maps are okay in all aspects, but that's pretty much it.

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Kinda fun, but you may find your self a bit ammo-starved.

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About half of the levels are really good, MAP30 in particular is spectacular. The levels are indeed pretty small, most of them can be carefully completed in 10 minutes. It's not a drop-everything-and- play-this-now Cacoward winner, but if you got the time, you're in for a nice treat.

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  • File Reviews

    • By rdwpa · Posted
      2.5/5   Core combat is a strength. It's brisk and easy, and you'll be using the SSG to double-kill imps, pellet-slap mancubi's bellies, and get a firm grip on boners in your area. Apart from that, I found the experience lacking. Visuals, though okay, suffer from alignment issues. Wandering back to the exit door, far from its requisite key, accounted for a good chunk of my five minutes playing. 
    • By rdwpa · Posted
      Lakeside might also be named Loopside: every major area appears on your itinerary no less than twice, no backtracking. Don't want to pick off cliff imps in the start area? Pouring bullets into a fatso too slow? Ignore those Bezos. Come back with a bigger weapon.   Though the whole arsenal minus the BFG appears at some point, I ended up replaying this and restricting my options to the berserk fist and the carefully rationed plasma rifle. Naturally that implies a lot of punching, with the motley cast -- 89 monsters, many punchable, many not -- offering a slate of tricky, fun Tyson challenges. To get a max this way, navigating a pair of hectic infight-baiting scenarios is pretty much mandatory. I loved it. It makes good pugilistic practice. There is even a {spoiler}demon to fist.   This is a speedmap, also a positive! Speedmaps have two big traps to avoid: the first is outright sucking, the second is having no ideas and half-baked content. Once they do both, I usually like them.
    • By rdwpa · Posted
      In Bricked, Rhys does nothing offensive. Over 10-20 minutes of play, depending on pace and completionism, you can expect fair and balanced combat, and a gradual ramp-up through the arsenal and bestiary, starting at the bottom and settling before the BFG and big bosses come out. I'd describe the dominant theme as "stock brown," with help from assets like computer panels, the silver starbase cluster, and CEMENT (the bathroom tile suite).   Having played many user maps, I've seen a lot of all of this before. It's okay, but little stood out. I liked the fighting most in the larger spaces, which allowed me to go out of my way to get numerous factions infighting. Interactive triggers like lifts and stairbuilders and optional switches are more common than average, and they are used smoothly (which is important, because extra machinery is simply a detriment if it's awkward and inscrutable).   Note: though the tally lists eight secrets, two are errant flags on a window sill. 
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      Played at UV with keyboard only (as I always do). EPIC II is a very good megawad with challenging gameplay and very beautiful textures. After MAP 19 there're a lot of tough encounters, mostly with wave of chaingunners and cyberdemons in tight spots as well as frequent usage of archvile in all maps (with MAP 29 having 87 archviles at UV!).Thankfully the author gives enough ammo and powerups to deal with them, so it's fair game. However, a complain I have is in 3 or so maps the author uses teleporting cyberdemon to create artificial difficult to the player and in my opinion it's dumb enough to warrant the loss 0.5 less star. My final score is 4.5/5, but doomworld rating system doesn't allow this so I'm gonna rate it 5 stars. I will certainly replay this one and would recommend UV difficult only for advanced players.
    • By silentzorah · Posted
      Solid wad with a purple color scheme and new enemies.  Music choices are enjoyable, difficulty starts off low and ramps up considerably towards the end.  MAP07's end was a total beef wall, though.  Make sure you find all the secrets in that one if you want to stand a chance.   All around, no bad maps in this wad.  Four stars.