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Innocence X2

   (19 reviews)


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About This File

A 10 level mapset for DooM II. It is the sequel to Innocence X, This mapset was inspired by the atmosphere of Playstation Doom and Doom 64. It will feature the creepy ambient feel of Playstation DooM/Doom 64 but maintain the core gameplay of the PC version.

Best Played through GZDoom.

If you want the weapons to have their classic behaviour (no Recoil, etc), load this with c_weapons.wad

Special Thanks to Aubrey Hodges for allowing to use the PSX Doom Soundtrack for this mod.

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these Innocence series are quite interesting, they all showcase the wonderful aesthetics and gameplay shown in the Playstation and Doom 64 games, but every level layout is smartly done, nothing too big and nothing too small. none of the levels are really that exciting, although you will want to watch out for some Doom 64-like ambushes, along with a few clever traps and puzzles. nothing that really detracts from a standard experience overall. note there are three secret levels (including a Wolf3d one), and the Unmaker also makes an appearance. a nice and simple set.

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I haven't seen a Mod/WAD like this in a like month! When you first start it you know is good when you see the starting menu! And these sound effects are the best all weapons and other sounds have been remastered I didn't even know that I was using the shotgun first time! I recommend this Mod/WAD and you can play it on any Source Ports like GZDoom, QZDoom, ZDoom. I recommend playing with GZDoom because in ZDoom you will experience some visual issues like Green Dots, Walls, Grounds and it's just dark but this is not a problem that ZDoom has if you want to you can change your brightness but it might change your gaming experience as well. And there is not just the regular old Demons and Monsters they have added a more hardly visible Demons/Monsters and it made it more buffed! I don't recommend for casual players to play too much higher difficulty even me died a bunch of times! So yeah I definitely recommend this Mod/Wad and I give it a rate of 5 Stars.         

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Another solid mapset that captures the PSX version feel perfectly. Maps comes in all flavors, from techbases and urban areas to the menacing void and, of course, HELL and also has some unexpected secrets which you might play it to see.

Of course, I absolutely love the PSX version of Doom and this one is no exception.

Gameplay speaking, it's pretty balanced and thought out nicely...with ambushes, good monster placement and really nasty traps which you must avoid it at all costs. One thing that will help you a lot is the addition of a new weapon...seriously, that thing is powerful...check it out and try. Maps have a nice look that helps you to be inmersed in the atmosphere and coupled with the music, it's much better.


Great recommendation, give it a try and you'll have a fun time.

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Very enjoyable. Fun to play. Beautiful to look at. Definitely in the top 10 of every WAD I've ever played. My only regret, there weren't more levels. If there were a 100 levels, I'd play them all and never get bored.

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Very very nice wad, it's as good as Innocence X1 maybe even better. Good job Jazzmaster9, I love the Innocence X series!

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Good shit right here man. Hope to see more from Jazzmaster.

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for sure i'm Supporting this Masterpiece!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      It's cool and all, but after some time it became tedious. Liked the young Frankenstein clip
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Jesus, this episode must be called "grim sense of boredom", because of humor i didn't find any, but i find a lot of boring! A LOT! Well, i just find a very short moment when i was chuckling out to the situation happening in E1M8 finding myself in a spiral of long lowering floors room, but maybe i just became insane. Over this short digression, this episode is BORING. I see that tries to be some sort of old school (is from 1994, dear anon reviewer, not 2012!) version of mock.wad or one of those parody of bad wads around the archive since doom modding scene day one. But instead of jumping the ugly garbage train that are these kinds of maps, is for the major part a pretty basic  series of large, boring, almost navigable STARTAN3 mazes with some nice ideas and few nice rooms spruced all around the episode and some really asshole ideas like 2 trap rooms in 2 different levels (E1M4 and E1M8) that are a just a little room with some type of useful stuff like health and ammo, once you enter in you are trapped from a one-way closing door without any way to escape from it expect cheating... but over these few moments, is pretty boring stuff. I suppose to deserve a trophy just for finish this. Go play something else.   BEST: ....E1M6 is kinda nice WORST: E1M8 is bullshit
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      It's been a while since I played Bioshock but I could still recognize some of the iconic locations. Seeing Bioshock's scripted sequences reinterpreted for Doom was fun. The enemy layout feels mostly like an afterthought, though.
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      Not really that funny, and not particularly fun.
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      This WAD hasn't really aged well. The gameplay isn't particularly interesting and the levels rely too much on over-using ZDoom features. The new sound effects are annoying, and the announcer's endless chatter on map04 gets downright infuriating. The ending levels are disappointing, especially the final battle which can be over in seconds. That said, the detailing looks nice in some levels.