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Killing Adventure 2

   (19 reviews)
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About This File

Welcome to Killing Adventure 2 where you must journey through the most amazing hard beautiful 32 levels for Doom2 with way less copy and paste and much larger levels with a huge amount of monsters. So be locked and loaded 4 the greatest adventure for doom ever made! I tried hard here so please give me more respect, ignore my old maps this is the real deal! I havent made doom levels for 6 years but got interested again and I found Doom Builder 2 and tried my very hardest to make supreme levels for Doom 2, beautiful abstract, textures lined up, nice light levels so it is not always 255 and more.

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This is one of best megawads's I've played. I didn't find any bad maps, and they're on the easy side due to large ammount of ammo, health and powerups the author provides. Some maps have more than 500 monsters and can be slaughterish so be warned. I feel there should've more reviews of this megawad for it to be more acknowledged.

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Wait there's a sequel to Killing Adventure and its ACTUALLY better with well thought out maps!?


How did I miss this two years ago!?

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This is amazing. I take back everything. Csonig

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Ruba you beautiful son of a bitch never stop doing what you do whatever it is you're doing.

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· Edited by NuMetalManiak


a megawad that tries to be serious but succeeds as a non-serious megawad AND a slaughter megawad. crazy, right? very reckless to play through all the way, action will not let up, but it is a fun-filled ride from start to finish. these are the kinds of wads I enjoy, the overall tone is fucked up in so many ways that you'll likely scream "1994-style" at the design but, um, WHO THE FUCK CARES. you're given a lot of supplies and a lot of monsters to go through, and the hilarity is liable to ensue regardless of where you're at. standouts? who needs them when the entire megawad is full of it? stupidity in design can be excessively fun and this is on the strong end of the spectrum.

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My, my, this is not so bad! There are a few maps that leave much to be desired, particularly in the beginning, but most is quite fun to play. Garish texturing combined with vicious combat produce some abstract maps that promote reckless gameplay. They can get slaughterish at times, but the monster groups mostly consist of low level enemies and you always have enough resources and obvious secrets with powerups to deal with them. Nice.

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Not sure if really ruba, or someone trying to intimidate ruba.

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Its the sequel I never knew I wanted but had always been waiting for.

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Bryan T

Good stuff. This should be in the megawads directory.

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  • File Reviews

    • By erkyp3rky · Posted
      while it does a good job replicating episode 1 aesthetically, the levels are riddled with questionable design choices. doors that dont need to be there, a million secrets often crammed onto the back end of a level resulting in useless items unless youre not pistol starting, and just a bit too easy. for an author who claims his work is top notch and the best of the best, you shot your arrow pretty far from the bullseye my friend.
    • By Somniac · Posted
      Another one I haven't played for years and years and just revisited: Fava Beans is a solid E1 replacement and a good one if you want a chilled out, mostly really easy WAD. The level design is a cut above considering the historical context of this set, and it nails the E1 feel. Heavier monsters are introduced much earlier, but the difficulty rarely gets above casual.   E1M8 is anticlimactic and feels like a letdown after the consistency of the preceding maps, but aside from that I recommend it for an easygoing old school Doom fix. That said, it could have been harder in places. There have been better E1 replacements since, but Fava Beans is still worth a look.   Best: E1M4, E1M5, E1M7
    • By stevenaaus · Posted
      Awesome megawad. Great gameplay and visuals. New monsters... super coherent. Cheers :)
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Not that crazy as you can think from the title, it's a interesting map with some cool design choices and some nice small puzzles as well. Fun to play and run swell.