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Killing Adventure 2

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About This File

Welcome to Killing Adventure 2 where you must journey through the most amazing hard beautiful 32 levels for Doom2 with way less copy and paste and much larger levels with a huge amount of monsters. So be locked and loaded 4 the greatest adventure for doom ever made! I tried hard here so please give me more respect, ignore my old maps this is the real deal! I havent made doom levels for 6 years but got interested again and I found Doom Builder 2 and tried my very hardest to make supreme levels for Doom 2, beautiful abstract, textures lined up, nice light levels so it is not always 255 and more.

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This is one of best megawads's I've played. I didn't find any bad maps, and they're on the easy side due to large ammount of ammo, health and powerups the author provides. Some maps have more than 500 monsters and can be slaughterish so be warned. I feel there should've more reviews of this megawad for it to be more acknowledged.

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Wait there's a sequel to Killing Adventure and its ACTUALLY better with well thought out maps!?


How did I miss this two years ago!?

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This is amazing. I take back everything. Csonig

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Ruba you beautiful son of a bitch never stop doing what you do whatever it is you're doing.

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· Edited by NuMetalManiak


a megawad that tries to be serious but succeeds as a non-serious megawad AND a slaughter megawad. crazy, right? very reckless to play through all the way, action will not let up, but it is a fun-filled ride from start to finish. these are the kinds of wads I enjoy, the overall tone is fucked up in so many ways that you'll likely scream "1994-style" at the design but, um, WHO THE FUCK CARES. you're given a lot of supplies and a lot of monsters to go through, and the hilarity is liable to ensue regardless of where you're at. standouts? who needs them when the entire megawad is full of it? stupidity in design can be excessively fun and this is on the strong end of the spectrum.

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My, my, this is not so bad! There are a few maps that leave much to be desired, particularly in the beginning, but most is quite fun to play. Garish texturing combined with vicious combat produce some abstract maps that promote reckless gameplay. They can get slaughterish at times, but the monster groups mostly consist of low level enemies and you always have enough resources and obvious secrets with powerups to deal with them. Nice.

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Not sure if really ruba, or someone trying to intimidate ruba.

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Its the sequel I never knew I wanted but had always been waiting for.

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Bryan T

Good stuff. This should be in the megawads directory.

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  • File Reviews

    • By TheMagicMushroomMan · Posted
      5.5/10   The problem with DTWID is that the same concept has been carried out by countless WADS already - they just didn't draw any direct comparison to the original DOOM. So what you get here is a set of competent-but-generic maps that follows the same beat-to-death techbase>hell progression of DOOM. Just like 10,000 other vanilla style megaWADs. In the end, that's all this is - a WAD that attempts to mimic (not always successfully, as there are some questionable maps here and there) OG DOOM. Without the awe that comes with experiencing the original game for the first time, you're left with a bunch of generic maps. The inspiration that ended up leading to the creation of this project causes the WAD itself to feel uninspiring. It lacks memorability and soul.
    • By printz · Posted
      A pretty tough level with an unusual design. There's no exit; your goal is to defeat all monsters. Good luck.
    • By printz · Posted
      Mostly a flat maze level full of illusionary effects. It's not a very complex structure overall, but pretty challenging. The exit is randomly hidden somewhere.
    • By Lol 6 · Posted
      For a wad made in 1995 it's a pretty convincing church, I like how detailed it is, as well as the graveyard, too bad it is quite short because it's fun (Although I understand that, as a deathmatch level, making it too large can make it unfun to play). The exit gates are an awesome detail too. Definitely check it out 5/5 stars   - xX_Lol6_Xx
    • By VoanHead · Posted
      Upon the release of The Ultimate Midi Pack for Doom 1 that replaces all midi slots w/ original compositions, I thought to myself "Hell Yeah, now I have an excuse to play DTWiD!". Besides the shameless plug, I would recommend everyone to give that pack a listen and perhaps a spin w/ this wad b/c god damn does it go together like peanut butter and nutella.   Onto DTWiD: Well, the people behind this wad accomplished the goal of mimicking the style of John Romero, Sandy Petersen, and last but not least Tom Hall. Every level breathes like it was made by any of the three gentlemen, and god damn I had a blast w/ this one. While certainly not as hard as your Plutonia, Rowdy Rudy 1+2, Hell To Pay, or even Good Morning Phobos, it has its own moments where it doesn't pull its punches. However, one of my main gripes w/ this wad is that there's a lot of secrets to find if you're a completionist like I am, as some of them are a bit tricky to hunt down. The maps are way bigger than the OG John, Sandy, and Tom Hall levels, and while it's great to mesh some good fights here and there, it at times felt like a slog to go through b/c of the size of some of these maps. E1 was the weakest in terms of fights here, as expected that you won't be fighting anything tougher than hitscan, imps, and pinkies. While the design was great, I admittedly got lost a few times trying to get my bearings and know just where the hell I need to go. E2 was a bigger improvement upon E1, and had a few moments where it was spooky, like things are really beginning to hit the fan. E3 (which unironically in the OG UD was my least fav episode that I couldn't even bring myself to finish) was probably the best episode of the bunch, everything was oppressive and coming for you, luckily there was an abundance of ammo to help you out in messy situations, more traps and better set ups than what E2 had and a way better episode than E1. The secret levels of all 3 episodes are the highlight of the wad.   While I wouldn't say that this wad is a "must play" b/c over time I started to get a bit exhausted on the size of some of the levels and figuring out where I need to go, and especially since I binged E1, E2, and E3 3 days each respectively, I had my moments where I was like "Please God let this be over". Overall, I would say this is more of a wad that if you really wanna check out, go for it, or a good recommendation for people who are just beginning their journey of playing community wads and want something ez to play.