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Legacy of Heroes

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About This File

Legacy of Heroes is a Boom compatible episode for Doom 2 with 11 levels. The maps use the textures from Eternal Doom and the themes for the most are fantasy oriented. The maps also feature a more adventurous style and the level progression was made to make feel the episode like a continuous journey. Some levels are very long and all of them were desgned with pistol starts in mind. The last level has a custom dehacked boss. This is the first wad I started to work on it, the development started in March 2015 and ended in October 2016 though works weren't continuous.

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picture this, you've played Eternal Doom multiple times, went through all sorts of nice-looking medieval landscapes, and got rather used to the styles used in the Return resource pack. you feel a feeling that you want to play more in terms of Eternal Doom style levels, well, gaspe has you covered with Legacy of Heroes. it's first few levels aren't too long, for granted, but once you hit MAP05, that's when you know. combat is consistent and workable, as is progression at least until you get past MAP05. you'd especially be hard-pressed for several secrets, specifically the BFG ones in MAP08 (the longest one), and MAP09 (one that is easy to get lost in). heck, MAP07 is also easy to get lost in, hence the title. the dual boss at the end may actually be somewhat disappointing, plus there's some parts of progression which may cause an eyeroll, but for the most part legher.wad does provide a decent experience.

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· Edited by dylux


This is my 7th favorite overall Wad of all time (thus far).


If you liked Eternal Doom III (the first 12 Maps of it, anyway - it's the only real part of Eternal worth playing), then you'll love this game. Gothic themed, great music. ("He's over here!" LOL!!)

Although only 11-ish Maps long, it's quality farrrrr outweighs the quantity.


My ONLY complaint is that the game should have ended after Map 09 - The Great Library. There's enough battle once you finally get the Blue Key and reach the Great Library to warrant the ending; there's little need for Map 10 and Map 11 isn't really an actual Map.


Fave Map - Map 08 ("Kythraessos") - See if you can locate that Blue Key Card and solve that 6 pillar switch puzzle! Woohooo!


A definite must play with definite replay value.

Well deserved Cacoward. Loved it!


Solid 5 out of 5 Stars

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I enjoyed playing this mapset. The visuals are really well done and give a strong medieval/fantasy vibe. I liked the gameplay for the most part except map 05 because of armor shortage. Map 09 is the pinnacle of the wad and my favourite map: great gameplay, visuals, setting, layout, atmosphere and secrets. Good job

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Very impressive both in visuals and gameplay, great styling and moody atmosphere. Very recommended and one of the best 2016 releases. Great work!

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Excellent grand level design and atmosphere through all the levels of which only get better and even more enjoyable as you progress. Really reminds me of what I loved about Eternal Doom. 5 stars well deserved. Much recommended.

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MAP09 is a library. And there are many bookshelves. And one of those bookshelves, which is the same as all the others, must be pressed in order to beat the map. Good luck with that! Apart from that - pretty and pretty fun, excellent visuals and continuous action (apart from MAP09). Definitely a must-play.

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  • File Reviews

    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Meh. Good for a first level. Nothing special. Average. I could see it on a 1000 DOOM level CD. Its ok.
    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Gave me chills I'll give you that, but thats only because im a wuss and its 2:00 AM. Other than that, just straight crap. Its just 3 dark rooms. Thats all.
    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Reminds me of Portal but is ultimately a stupid WAD.   P.S. I hit the bottom without cheats, therefore it isn't endless.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      too often we see a set that is basically an E1 replacement, with no real changes to anything besides "this is an episode 1 replacement with a style similar to the real deal except I made it" or something along the lines. this one is no different, although it really is only half of an episode. but is there anything eye-popping here? no. it's all average at the very best, definitely not any better than the real E1 although it does have some minor homages. but there's nothing that's gonna make this memorable. now, there was effort, but not a whole lot of it. this set really does look like something a newbie mapmaker would make in just a few days. what's also strange is how this one for some reason requires a ZDoom based port, although there's next to nothing ZDoom-y about it. it was intended to be a "lost episode" and while you can probably say that, is there anything here that is really good enough?
    • By Barefootstallion · Posted
      A nice and fun little map.  Also, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the way those panels blinked really fast - it was like they were blinking in time with that fun, fast-paced midi.  Either way, it was a nice touch.   You seriously need to do more maps.  If this map was any example of what you can do, then you certainly need to do more!