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Brown and Red

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About This File

This is a single Boom-compatible map made for the Vinesauce mapping contest of 2016. It's a bite-sized slaughter map. Ultra-Violence is intended to challenge the best Doom players, while any moderately experienced Doom player should have a good time on Hurt Me Plenty, and the lowest difficulty is implemented too.

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This map doesn't suck because it's difficult. It sucks because that's all it is. Play this on HMP and all that is left are 3 simple rooms with cheaply copy-pasted architecture. Visuals are fine; even if you'd remove the voodoo doll light beam effect they do their job nicely. The final battle is RNG hell on UV - I beat it without the secret megasphere and no freelook, but had to rely on monsters mercifully offending each other and arch-viles getting stuck in one place.

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good slaughtermap

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Quick and fun slaughter map with some really tight balancing on UV. 4/5

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Good map. Deserves more than 2 stars. Especially since all difficulty settings are implemented. UV should be hard. Map is a just fun bitesize piece of fun on the lower difficulties. Imo read txt prior to playing.

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Moody, atmospheric outpost of awkwardly placed revs and angry hitscan, with obligatory caco cloud. Yet another criminally underrated piece of highly tuned death from benjogami, receiving bad scores because it shows certain groups of players they arent as good as they like to think. Difficulty settings have been implemented effectively, making ITYTD a total cake walk for those less skilled players who enjoy downrating stuff due to their lack of skill :P

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This is in my opinion better than toilet of the gods in terms of visual and gameplay polish. There are a few goofy pieces of monster placement in there, a couple of monsters can become unreachable as I found in my playthrough. The plasma gun feels superfluous as the rocket launcher is perfectly fine with coping with the monsters in this one. This one sits between 3 and 4 stars.

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Voting to counterbalance the usual crew of sad sacks who refuse to play below UV, even when the text says UV is designed "to challenge the best Doom players" and they are far below that tier, to put it mildly. I played on HMP and had fun.

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Amazing among slaughtermaps.

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      this is a strange wad, with assets similar to Darkest Hour and other Star Wars-themed wads, many of the maps focus on small killings, as most of the maps are actually small. Pinchy's finale sure makes this worth it. oh yeah, quite a few custom stuff was done. the flamethrower marines were quite annoying, while other monsters gained multiple attacks, new ones, it's all so zany. the maps are pretty well done overall and this is worth a try.
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Okay, I get it, it's a megawad mainly for speedrunners who are intricately familiar with the mechanics of the game down to the nitty-gritty. A series of challenges/obstacles that, for the most part, seem to be possible but are generally ludicrous (and sometimes outright laughable, in a good way).   This was is not a "pile of junk" as a few have said however it's really, really lacking in a lot of ways. I get that the wad is meant to have a fun-and-not-serious tone despite it's overall extreme difficulty but the texturing looks like the insides of a toilet bowl after a Taco Bell buffet. Seriously, these maps are jealous of how beautiful and futuristic maps like UAC_DEAD look. The DWANGO series looks like fucking Ancient Aliens compared to this.   The MIDIs are lighthearted, silly and fun, which adds a layer of appeal for me personally. I loved seeing Patrick Stewart at the intermission too, rofl   I had some fun with this IDCLEVing through the whole wad and giving each map a try or 2 before moving on to the next but I seriously doubt I'll ever be back. The same idea with better texturing and overall taking itself just a tiny bit more seriously would warrant a higher rating. Ass-ugly texturing, silly MIDIs and a silly titlepic/interpic are fun in their own right so don't take me the wrong way but a lot of it crossed into "looks like the authors gave 0 fucks" category and I just have to take points away for that.   Also,   lol wtf is this bullshit is this a terrywad or somethin i mean jeeeezus   Overall, this is worth a peek just for some fun but unless you're a highly skilled speedrunner that also doesn't mind looking into a crapchute map after map, this probably doesn't really have much for you.
    • By mArt1And00m3r11339 · Posted
      If it were renamed "Garbage Dump," I would have given it a better rating.
    • By StormCatcher.77 · Posted
      A large, but not very prolong map, which is interesting to explore. I liked the author's strategy to place strong weapons in well-protected places. To get them the player need to pass a kind of test. The difficulty depends on the player's luck. It is important not to miss the shotgun at the very beginning, otherwise entangled corridors can lead the player to a situation in which he will be easy prey, left without ammo. Visually, the map looks neat, another good example of using standard textures.