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Shovelware Adventure!

   (8 reviews)
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About This File

Welcome to Shovelware Adventure! This is a 100% vanilla compatible wad & dehacked file for DOOM II. This map is full of bloody battle arenas and slimy passageways! There are many secrets to discover and several paths to reach the exit. This map was designed with a high quality but oldschool 90's style in mind, the little gems with quirky graphic edits that you find on those old discs among 1000 random wadfiles - hence the name Shovelware Adventure. It's meant to feel like a mini-episode despite being just one lone map. The objective is to pump rockets into the core and blow the place up! Difficulty settings have been thoroughly implemented, so if it's too hard on Ultra Violence, switch it to HMP or HNTR :)

If you are playing in a ZDoom based port, there is no need to load the included .deh file - It is there for older/classic ports such as Chocolate Doom.

Have fun!

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Love the map's flow. Pretty tough for me (regardless of difficulties), yet it felt just right.

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Took me a whole 40 minutes to finish, perhaps I'm just slow, but this map in UV is pretty tough, complete with Doomkid's charm and his custom monsters, definitely does what it sets out to do pretty well.

I couldn't find the ssg and indeed it makes the thing quite hard, wasn't a fan of the final fight either, but overall, very fun to go through.

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Does what it says it's supposed to do pretty nicely, but drags on a bit. It's a nice level, but don't miss the secret SSG or you'll have to play the majority of the map with puny weapons.

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A nice Adventure. HMP is pretty rough! If it's still in the competition, congratulations.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Triloguy · Posted
      Great. Best Wad ever.
    • By aargh · Posted
      It misses that "something extra" that id maps had. Something that you remember those maps for. But maybe it's not fair to compare because the original always has the advantage of nostalgia.
    • By aargh · Posted
      Crude, simple, yet surprisingly inventive for 1994. There's a lot of switches and the layout is very non-linear and sometimes quite confusing. In one level I had to idclip to the exit because I had no idea how to get there otherwise. Overall, this was a nice nostalgic experience.
      Difficulty: easy. Mods: Project Brutality 3, UDV.
    • By phoo · Posted
      Short and sweet! Some interesting texture choices. I love the prevalence of the red brick texture that's often underused in other wads. The light decoration in the alleyway with the raised floor and use of mid textures was an interesting touch. I also thought the level exit was also unique and aesthetically appealing. As for gameplay, It's smooth and fun with good flow.
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      From the get go, one just notice the impressive mood that this mapset offers. And solely for that this leaves a watermark of how mood maps can be made. Some of the maps here are probably masterpieces of atmosphere and mood.
      This large episode map has a really good start, first maps its pretty much an introductory map, and map02 is the famous Doxylamine Moon. I'm really proud of myself as i solved the map puzzle without any help, but it doesn't offer much after that. But its an impressive effort by Lainos. The subsequent maps continue to be really good and moody. And map11: Seaport seems to be the properly end of the wad... but no, there are three more maps in the set.
      Map12, aside for the impressive architecture, its really annoying as it abuses the darkness, making it pretty difficult to navigate.
      Map13 made the same mistake, but its a little more easier to navigate and it comes to be somewhat fun. Map14 its a no exit map intended as the end of the mapset.   This set up makes me wonder if the Clan [B0S] intended map12 and map13 as just bonus maps. Don't know if there is answer to this (maybe @Wraith777 knows something).
        Returning to the review, the first six maps are glorious and i loved Doxylamine Moon for being soo different, and Lavatrazz a remake of TNT map07: Prison. The rest of the maps from ma07 to map11 are just big good maps.
      I didn't like much of map12 and map13 aside from the awe inspiring architecture they offer.
      And map14 is spooky and marvelous. Could be a really neat feature and not just and no exit end map.   All in all, i liked this mapset, much more in the first part than the second part (even when map07 starts with Serial Experiment's Lain theme song, a soundtrack i love soo much).
      I would really like to see the story of Sacrament properly developed. Maybe someday...