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Quantum Strike

   (26 reviews)


About This File

"Quantum Strike" is a set of 3 colourful Boom-format maps designed to be played from a Pistol Start. Gameplay is purely action-based with very high monster density. UV is meant to challenge "good at Doom" individuals and masochists that don't mind dying repeatedly. HMP should be slightly more reasonable and HNTR more laid back.

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you've got your work cut out for you if you decide to play Quantum Strike. it's a challenging wad alright, with enough powerful monster placement to make damage impossible to avoid along with numerous scenarios which tend towards crowd control. hard to play aggressively and almost as hard to survive, monster density ensures that keepaways can corner a bad player.


honestly though, I can't say I'm a fan of this visual style. a long time ago I used to adore using loads of colorful textures in a wad but it's probably best to have a map have a predominant color for design rather than this extremely wacky color scheme. also loads of scrolling textures are around, while neat, are pretty much just eye candy. and guys, stop using the afrit, please. there's far better Dehacked enemies to use and the afrit has pretty much run its course, even if it's properly used for maximum challenge here.


the first map is a corridor crawler, giving us fights both forward and behind along with some sidepaths which still remain claustrophobic. the two that follow it are more open, providing even more in monster density and ensuring that circling a certain drain would be the key to winning. look out for that crusher arena when trying to get the yellow key in MAP02, and keep an eye on notable monsters in MAP03's many setpieces. these setpieces are made with maximum pain in mind, so prepare yourself for the long hauls in these two levels but don't feel at ease just cause the first map is only slightly easier.

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really fun maps, with a quirky but appealing visual style. definitely recommended for folks that like challenge-oriented maps!

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4 stars for map03.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Argenteo · Posted
      A lot better sights and tougher than S1, with another pack of cute midis. 
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      Pretty entertaining and challenging mapset. The maps start in a somewhat heretic or cave theme at first, and with a really abstract style with just tiny little realistic details. It use TNT as iwad and there are just a few maps with name patches. The rest and the text screens are the ones from TNT. The story is interesting: Serena, B.J. Blazkowicz's wife, worried that, after the incident on 20 Days In Hell (but it could be also after Doom 2 final map), he hasn't returned home yet. So she decide to go search for him. In the proces she found that every map we play is an hour of torture for her husband, and thats from where the title 32 Hours of Pain come. Thematically, the maps use the TNT skies to tell the story, starting with Serena on earth, vayaging throught space on map12 to map20, and reaching hell where her husband is being tortured on map21 to map30   Maps have a good gameplay, and the little and few details really stand out from the abstract design, like in map11 the ship sailing out to space. The design varies from really large and big open areas to really cramped and difficult to traverse tunnels and areas. Thus, it somehow really grasp the TNT feel and style. The texturing is varied, from monotexturing to using different themes like starbase and marble on the same map, especially on those where the hellish influece is seen as bigger.   I really enjoyed it! Its not a masterpiece, but it certaily has a charm and offers a good challenge. Kristian Aro's story, maybe i'm wrong with this, was use as a base for 2002: A Doom Odyssey later as its pretty similar. This mapset is kinda analogue to Paul Corfiatis The Twilight Zone. Both follow a free thematic texturing from map to map, both have a story mostly told throught little details (TTZ has a proper mapinfo on it, though) and both shows the first mapping efforts of their respective authors and how the ideas here lead to their later awesome mapsets.   I recommend it to anyone who is seeking abstract design and challenge.
    • By Meddy · Posted
      Short, but pretty well done. The best custom Hexen levels I played so far.
    • By Roofi · Posted
      Very decent map from 1995. As previous comments said, it looks like a workplace with two floors tons of openable doors.   The gameplay is very classic but very enjoyable. The progression may be quite confusing, especially about finding the yellow key which was hidden in a little compartment as if it was a secret. However , discovering each room was a pretty exciting experience.    Also this level has a cool sense of place. I really like the idea of creating "elevators" by using teleporters as well as the partially demolished 2nd floor.    Despite being an easy level, some traps may kill you like the surprise monster closet with barons near the author's signature located at the beginning.   Aesthetics are ok but I really enjoyed the use of light gradiants in some corridors , they make the stock textures look a lot better !
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Hunting for those letters reminds me of Star Force, that alone makes the set memorable. Cute midis, some custom textures and fun gameplay. Maybe it was the first episode replacement I played. Long ago. :)