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About This File

A small level for Doom 2 and the first map i ever put some time into

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First off, 3 is a good score. It sits right about average. Considering this is your first map I think it's pretty cool. You set a really nice mood with your use of lighting, and some of the rooms were well constructed like the YK room. A lot of the hallway segments were samey, but you did put a decent variety of encounters along the way to help break up the monotony. There was only one place where crouch was absolutely neccesary, and I think you could have done more with it earlier on so the player might know they have to use it without reading the reviews here. The fake out Exit was expertly executed and I nearly got crushed by the trap, so good job there. Keep it up, man, you got potential.


For the record, I had no issues with missing textures so idk what Trupiak is talking about.

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The map is okay but considering all of its GZDoomisms it's just too plain in overall. There are very nice OpenGL lighting effects, but the map relies too much on copy-pasting and straight-forwardness . This all forms a design that resembles awkward Xatrix Quake 2 levels than a good Doom level.

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Za Warudo

Message from the creator:YOU NEED A JUMP AND CROUCH BUTTON and i did not find any missing textures so if you find a missing texture or thirty then criticize your source port (or call me lazy)

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missing textures and I got stuck on the first level..... otherwise breddy gud you just have to pay more attention to ur wads in the future

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