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About This File

First attempt at a Doom Wad.


New from scratch

Build Time

1 month

Editors Used




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Robo The Cyberbot

  • 3
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Aww Did you spended a month on this? I dont like the levels they look like they were made like in 3-2 days

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  • 2

there is not much to note about this one. low monster counts, not very well-designed. MAP02 and MAP05 are utterly horrible gimmick maps, MAP06 was slightly more decent.

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· Edited by bzzrak

  • 4

Cool little newbie mapset, feels very 95-96-ish, in a kinda positive way. The last 2 maps look really good.

skip map02, though

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It's a good start, but a lot can be improved.

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Very primitive map design that is somewhat playable if you force yourself. There are several labyrinths and where there are not the room design is boxy with monsters sprawled like sprinkles on a cake (whatever wherever). There are much better "first WADs" out there. At least I didn't find any technical errors. Better luck next time.

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